11 Factors for Sure Success with social networking campaigns

How do you campaign on social networks?
What factors you consider while handling each and every social network?
What business would you get if there is a successful campaign with these social networks?
This is very nice analysis done by Jeremiah Owyang who is a Web Strategist at SF Bay Area, USA. He tells you about the factors which will help businesses grow using these social networks.
This goes to the key factors which help in having success while campaigning with social networks.

  1. Meets a business objective
  2. Encourage Member Interaction
  3. Quickly scale
  4. Utilize Media
  5. Foster self-expression or communication
  6. Offer an satisfying User Experience
  7. Provide longer term utility
  8. Enhance Value as Community participants
  9. Supports Community Goals
  10. Company Participation
  11. You add your attribute

So next time you start a campaign consider working on these factors.
Your views are most welcome.