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37 Most Popular Mobile Social Networks-2008

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Mobile Social Networking,Mobile Social Networks

Have your mobile phones handy now because these will now help you to connect with everything in the future your friends, your teachers, your parents,your peers,your boyfriends/girlfriends.

Stated as one of the key trends of 2008 Mobile social networks and communities are growing at a fast pace.
According to mobile research firm M:Metrics(use google for search), 12.3 million consumers in the US and Western Europe used mobile phones to access social networking sites in June 2007 (pretty old but yet huge number).

Mobile social networking looks like it’s here to stay and stay for long for your iPhone,BlackBerry’s and gPhones.
This is a very good list compiled by Socialmediatrader.com of the popular Mobile networks which helps u connect in very intuitive ways with your friends lists.

  1. Friendstribe.com
    It’s similar to other social networking sites except every aspect of it was designed to be used from your cell phone through text messaging.
  2. Hobnobster
    Hobnobster is a web and mobile relationship service where singles can search and communicate with quality singles online and mobile.
  3. Broadtexter.com
    Do you have an audience, members, supporters, or patrons? Do they have cell phones? Start your mobile club now and stay connected.
  4. Zinadoo.com
    Keep in touch with your community and use SMS to promote your mobile website. Then create your own voting, subscription and text in/text out SMS services.
  5. Dodgeball.com
    Tell us where you are and we’ll let all your friends know so you can meet up.More like Friend Finder service.Owned by Google.
  6. Mocospace.com
  7. Zyb.com
    ZYB is an easy way to store your phone’s contacts, pictures, text messages and calendar events online. ZYB also lets you connect with people you know and makes sure you always have their updated contact details on your phone. As most of your real life friends are already on your phone, ZYB gives some additional social features like photo tagging and content sharing with the people you know.
  8. mig33.com
    Get mig33 and you’ll be connected to people around the world. IM, visit chat rooms, send email, share photos, SMS and, of course, make cheap calls
  9. Mobiluck.com
    Share where you are with your friends, receive alerts when they are nearby and chat 24/7 for free.
  10. aki-aki.com
    German based mobile social network
  11. MeetMoi
    MeetMoi is a safe and easy dating service for meeting people near you. Using groundbreaking technology, MeetMoi looks for people around your location and lets you browse pictures, send messages, and connect with members, all from your cell phone.
  12. Imity.com
    Imity is a free application for your mobile phone that uses Bluetooth to sense other phones around you. That information forms a social network – online, offline and all the other lines.
  13. BrightKite.com
    See where your friends are and what they’re up to, in real time.

  14. Zingku.com
    Supercharged mobile txt and picture messaging for you & your friends.

  15. Buddyping
    Buddyping is a whole new way of keeping in touch with people using your mobile.

  16. JuiceCaster.com
    JuiceCaster lets you meet new people, connect with friends and share your photos and videos directly from your mobile phone. Instantly post videos and pictures to your Myspace, Facebook and other sites.

  17. Loopnote.com
    Loopnote lets people create alerts. People can subscribe via email, IM, text or RSS.

  18. Moblabber
    Moblabber is all about group text messaging. It’s like personalized messaging only it’s mass-produced. We treat mobile messaging as if it’s an on-going conversation.

  19. Rabble.com
    Rabble is a location based social networking application you download to your mobile device. With Rabble, you can combine all the things you love doing on the web into an easy to use application for your phone.

  20. Wadja.com
    Wadja is a mobile web, media and social messaging service, managing your communication and interaction from trusted sources (friends, family and address book contacts).

  21. Treemo.com
    Treemo is a online and mobile community dedicated to sharing digital media, empowering self-expression, and transforming creativity into action. By offering an ever-evolving gallery of video, audio, photography, words, and visual art, Treemo inspires visitors to create their own digital expressions, and to share those creations with the world – on the web and on mobile phones.

  22. Veeker.com
    Veeker is Video and Picture Messaging for Phone and Web.
  23. NowThen.com
    Welcome to NowThen, the new way to capture the pulse of your life in mobile photos. Snap, share, and store your moments for free.

  24. Zemble.com
    You can text message large groups of friends from your phone by sending just one text message, and it goes out to the whole group.
  25. Kiboze.com
    Make offline media, like print advertisements and billboards, interactive. Deliver product information to a user’s cell phone on demand.

  26. groovr.com
    The groovr goal is to help people stay connected, not just online, but out in life too. We want our users to move seamlessly from laptop to mobile phone to meeting new friends in new places.

  27. 3jam.com
    3jam introduces SMS 2.0 a new way to text message with your friends

  28. flagr.com
    Share cool places from online or right from your mobile phone!

  29. Socialight.com
    Socialight lets you create, share and discover virtual Sticky Notes stuck to actual places all around you.
  30. placestodo.com
    This site helps you remember, share and find new new places and things to do

  31. Twitter.com
    Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

  32. Zannel
    Zannel is about life in real time. It’s a way for you and your friends to share what you’re doing, feeling, and seeing as it happens. It’s a free service that allows you to create your own mobile page where you can post videos, pictures, and text updates with your phone to instantly share with your friends and start a conversation. You can also follow friends, meet new friends, and watch videos.

  33. Jaiku.com
    Users can create a microblog and connect friends, posting from the web, by SMS, or from desktop clients.

  34. Rader.net
    Instant picture and video sharing for you and your friends.

  35. ShoZu
    Connecting your phone and your online life has never been easier. With ShoZu you can interact with huge list of sites and communities – from Flickr to Facebook, YouTube to Blogger, the list goes on.

  36. Myspace Mobile

  37. Facebook Mobile

So gear up for the future of social networking mobile social networking.
And what is your opinion on these mobile networks.
Its always good to add something from the readers..

Joshua H.


Hey I am Josh and I've been into Journalism since the early ages. Its my passion to create reviews and provide content that people enjoy. I have a big vision for Tech2View and me and my co-writers are constantly working on giving you the latest and most desired content. Thanks for reading - Josh

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  1. Rustin

    Many many thanks for sharing those popular mobile social networks.Great job done.Again thanks.


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Hey I’m Joshua H!

Hey I am Josh and I've been into Journalism since the early ages. Its my passion to create reviews and provide content that people enjoy. I have a big vision for Tech2View and me and my co-writers are constantly working on giving you the latest and most desired content. Thanks for reading - Josh

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