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[How to] Correct “the aavm subsystem detected a rpc error”

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The AVAST icon shows a RED circle over it. While referring to it shows “the aavm subsystem detected a rpc error“.
The processing of the system might become too slow..


RPC (Remote Procedure Call) failure may occur due to opening of two or more instances of avast antivirus.
Its not a virus attack, its a system error occuring due to running of a couple of other system critical services

the error shown

How to debug:

1. Repair Avast. “or”
2. Try uninstall, boot, install, boot. “or”
3. Go to start/run and type “services.msc”…locate “avast antivirus“. Change startup type to “automatic” and restart the system.

Hope this sorts it out.. Please let us know in comments.



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  1. monty

    i can't able to find the avast in the services.msc please help me

    • Inderjeet

      Hi, You can also Type “msconfig.msc” in the Run and the next windows that open up check the startup type to automatic and restart your system. If any problems let us know.

      • Judith

        That doesn't work either.

  2. Judith

    For the past e days I have been receiving the following error message from Avast:
    "The aavm subsystem detected a RPC error" It no longer say "your virus database has been updated" I am the only user on my laptop and have done nothing differently. When I called the Avast help center, I reached people in far away countries who talked fast and with a heavy accent. I simply could not understand them. After being on the phone for well over two hours, I became so frustrated and abandoned the call.

    I am unsuccessful in uninstalling the program under normal the uninstall program. It has always worked well until now. I just want it OFF my computer. It seems other things are being affected with my overall performance since the Avast occurrences. Can someone please tell me how to get the program off in plain language.


  3. Chris

    I've seen this problem in posts 7 years old and no one seems to have a solution. What is Avast's problem?!

  4. Max

    Thanks Rohit, the solution you gave worked.

  5. Francis

    Is AVAST meant to create problems for the users? My norton antivirus program worked very well, the free avast worked as well, but when I paid for the premium , version everything stopped working! Any time I call for support all the people on the other end wish for is more money for technical acdvise, could some explain how to fix this RPC error?

  6. maddy

    Thanks Rohit, i tried the 3rd option and it worked.

  7. bea

    i did the 3rd step exacly as it says and them i press “ok” it says “access denied… i don’t know what to do..


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