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Customize How You Open Google Search

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Wondering how to google ever mess, just type google.com and you are there to play with google. But this leads to a country directed page such as google.co.uk, google.co.in or co.xx. Sometimes people want to visit the google international page. So not a big task..google itself provides ways to visit google.com. Just follow the link below on google’s homepage “go to google.com” and u will land on google.com. This hyperlink refers to ‘ncr’ i.e. no country redirect and will land you on google.com

Besides u can also type google.com/intl/en/ which refers to international english, be careful to end the link with a ‘/’ or your browser will show a 404 error.

This is a bit too long to remember…I recommend a simpler way. Just type google.com/ncr and when you press enter you will be google.com international homepage. And finally you land on google.com




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