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Big Data Conferences to Look Forward to in 2014

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In my last post I talked about how you can learn more about big data and data mining. It had all the right elements for the beginners. But this post will take you one step further into the world of data mining. It’s time to meet the pros of big data and data mining through conferences held all over the world. Here I am listing down the top 5 conferences with the best sessions for the year 2014.

Top 5 Big Data Conferences:


  1. IEEE Big Data 2014: It is undisputed fact that IEEE is the authority for anything related to computing technology. In this conference you will find the best speakers. The conference starts on Jun 27, 2014 and will focus on Big Data architectures, management, search, mining and applications.
  2. BigData TechCon: The technical conference will hold marvelous tutorial sessions to help you master Big Data technology. Some of the tutorials are fantastic like a hands-on workshop on Hadoop, Neo4j, R, MongoDB etc. It is wonderful for beginners but there are also options for the pros. K-means clustering using Hadoop, practical natural language processing using Hadoop are some of the titles that might catch your attention. The conference is in March 2014.
  3. Big Data Innovation Summit: Supported by the giants of Big Data like Samsung, Bing, eBay, IBM etc., this conference will be held in April 2014 in Santa Clara, Spain. The most interesting presentation in this conference to me is one made by Big Fish Games. The company rose rapidly into the world of Big Data in the gaming genre and how. Their unique approach of using Big Data analytics on gaming telemetry data of mobile games should be really interesting.
  4. INFORMS Conference on the Business of Big Data: This conference is pulling in the big names like Teradata J P Morgan, LinkedIn etc. and the key note speaker is Chief Analytics officer of Teradata Corporation. This conference will focus both on presentations as well as workshops. Some attractive tracks have been created for the benefit of different workers of big data force. Big Data 101 is for beginners while Big Data case studies and emerging trends in big data tracks are for the big data enthusiasts, students and workers alike.
  5. IFORS Business Analytics Optimization & BIG DATA: This conference will hold something for everyone. There is a wide range of topics to be covered for the application of big data in game theory, accounting, healthcare, education, telecommunications etc. It is all about the application of big data in this conference in July 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

There are more than 50 conferences in Big Data for this year and while two months are gone we still have chance to learn a lot from industrial experts from the giants of the industry.



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