4 Different Ways of Running Android OS on PC

Android Operating System (OS) has been created by Google for its use on smartphones and tablets. Most of the manufacturers are now offering PCs with dual OS. Both the Android and Windows can get installed on the same PC. You can run Android apps and Android OS even on your current PC.

Let us discuss different ways of running Android OS on PC:



BlueStacks is the best way to run Android OS on PC.It offers an innovative software designed to run Android OS apps and you need not have to replace the entire Windows system. It introduces a gripping breakthrough and runs Android apps on your Windows desktop. It integrates apps seamlessly on PC’s makes it possible to enjoy applications in larger displays of PC’s. Like any other Windows application, Android apps are shown in a form of a desktop gadget. The users can enjoy their Android games, news feeds, social network etc.. BlueStacks supports easy installation of Android apps from Google Play. It offers a good performance in comparison to YouWave and Windroy.

Android Emulator

Android SDK includes a virtual mobile device emulator that helps to develop and test Android applications. The Android comprises of all the hardware and software features of a mobile device and it provides a screen in which your application is displayed. It gives you complete access of Android OS and includes a set of preinstalled applications. You can choose the Android system, you want to run on your PC. You can easily launch the emulator and you can use a variety of options during its run time. Android Emulator is good option to install Android apps on your PC. Just download Google’s Android SDK and open the SDK Manager program. Select Tools, Manage AVDs and create an Android Virtual Device (AVD) with the desired configuration.


Android-x86 runs on Intel and AMD processors. Android is ported to the x86 platform and allows you to install Android on a laptop. The installation process is same like Windows or Linux. The tested platforms comprises of ASUS Eee PCs, Del Inspiron Mini Duo, Samsung Q1U, the Viewsonic Viewpad 10, Viliv S5, and Lenovo Think-pad x61 Tablet. You can install Android OS on PC with the aid of Android-x86.

Android on Intel Platforms

Android on Intel platform helps to install Android OS on a Windows PC. It comes with the option of a dual-boot-Android-Windows. Intel provides an installer which is useful to install Android on your Windows PC. At the moment, Android apps are working well on Samsung XE700T, Acer Iconia W700 and Lenovo X220T. ‘Dual OS’ Intel PCs are going to benefit a lot. These PCs will support both the Windows OS and the Android OS.