Setting up Facebook Fan Page for your Brand

How to add establish fan page for your blog or website on facebook? Facebook these days have become a medium of sharing your interests with your friends and communicating with them through the use of videos, pictures and wall. But Facebook has many unexplored features which can really help you build your personal brand. It might be your website, blog, product or services. One of the features is the facebook fan page. How to enable a fan page for you brand. Almost any popular website or product today has a fan page on facebook e.g. Mashable, Search Engine LandTechie Buzz and Tech2view.


  1. Before starting you need an account on facebook. (only prerequisite)
  2. After you have it the next step is to go here Create a facebook fan page and specify for what purpose you are creating this page (Local, Product, Brand and Organization or Artist, Band or Public figure)
  3. After you have done this specify the name you would like to give to this page.
  4. This will create the page something like this
  5. Now edit the setting of this page, add images, info, replace the ? (image) with your brand logo.
  6. You can also attach this with your blog or website feeds, so as and when you blog, automated posting are made to this fan page for your audience to stay updated.


Now what after you have made this page? Now you can also place facebook Fan Box on your blog/website so that people (your audience) can join in as fans on this page and get connected. How to do this. ?


  1. Go to the Edit page at the top left cornor of you page.
  2. Now when you have arrived at this page, in the sidebar at bottom right got to Get your Badge.
  3. Now click the Fan Box in the sidebar to get the script that you can then paste on your website/blog to  have Fan Box.

And you are done now. Now you have your product or website identity @ facebook