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BingTweets : Combining Twitter trends with Bing results

Bing Tweets is a modern web app which lets you search bing real time for the trending Twitter topics. It includes various categories for trending topics like Popular Now, People, Places and Products. It  also shows you the real time tag clouds for these categories. You get results from twitter timelines of users and  from Bing search (video, images, references). You can also type in your search and get the results from both twitter and bing. You can also share these results of yours on your twitter timeline by tweeting it direct from Bingtweets. You can also post the results on other social media sites.

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[Bing] Submitting your Website Sitemap to Bing Search Engine

Submitting your websites sitemap to as many search engines is the nice way of getting all your website pages indexed and thus creating channels or pathways for the search engine traffic to your website. Bing is the newest of the Search Engine offering from Microsoft. It has taken the world by surprise by getting ominous popularity within a short period of time. It has many improved features than the Microsoft’s previous offering MSN/Live Search Engine.

[Prerequisites] For submitting your sitemaps to Bing you must have a msn, hotmail or live account.

Now please login to with your credentials.
Now your will see

  • Robots.txt validator
  • HTTP verifier
  • Keyword research tool

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