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6 Most Fast Ways to Build up E-Commerce WebSites

Recently, I have been searching around for scripts/platforms and ways to build E-Commerce sites on the go. When it comes to E-Commerce Sites and Platforms there are many things to be taken care of when selecting those platforms for your business and website. Some of the things that are critical in the Ecommerce sites are Billing, Shipping, User Management, Catalog Management, Catalog Browsing, Checkout, Mobile Commerce, Support Community, Marketing etc.

So, Now I am going to categorize the platforms or ways to build these E-Commerce Sites.ecommerce platforms

  1. Magento – Magento is a customized version of OsCommerce. It is designed by a company called Varien. It comes in two editions Enterprice and Community (Free) . It has got many features which are very effective and gives the edge to this ECommerce Platform. Some of those are , Marketing promotions and Tools, Search Engine Marketing, Analytics and Reporting, Catalog Management, Good Supoort Community, multi-lingual, Customer Service, mobile commerce (iphone optimized). you can find the complete list here. Continue reading 6 Most Fast Ways to Build up E-Commerce WebSites