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Become a Gmail Ninja : Free Gmail Guide Download

Gmail team is quite innovative, in how they introduce features to gmail every now and then. Its impossible to take notice of all these features, and its more hard to put them all in use. Google recently published a gmail guide which can be accessed either online or can be downloaded as pdf.

This is what google thinks about Gmail ninja.

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Web browser for social networks and Web2 -Flock

As I earlier mentioned that this is the year of social network and web applications aggregators in my recent post
Social-networking-aggregators-Focus applications for 2008
this is coming out to be more than what I expected…

One such aggregator cum web-application is Flock which is The Most Popular Social Web Browser and make’s it to the CNET’s list of “Best Mac Software of 2007″.

It is a browser, evolved for people. It is free to download and use. Flock simplifies and extends the use of social and web-based applications to share,communicate and exchange information in a smooth manner.It is downloadable software. Search for its dump quering for Flock in google search engine.

Flock with its previouus release of 1.0 has been highly useful and acclaimed by both users and critics and now this mountain view based company started in 2005 has launched its flock1.1 which has added new functionalities such as:

  1. Web Mail Integration-To integrate Gmail and Yahoomail so that users can easily share web pages, images and articles with a simple click.
  2. Friends Activity-It helps you stay in touch with your favorite people across Flock’s supported social services.Flock alerts you whenever some of your friend make changes to his profile or posts a new message or uploads a photo.
  3. Picassa Integrations-Flock which was previouly supporting photo uploads from Flickr has now integrated with Picassa ,the most popular photo sharing service.You can integrate your Picassa albums with FLock and drag an drop your favourite photos and albums.

Group Chat and Emoticons by Gmail

Google have just added group chat and emoticons features to its Gtalk and Gmail.

By group chat you can have conference with more than two people simultaneouly in the same chat window.When u have started he chat you can add more people to your chat by going into the options at the bottom-left of your chat window and activate group chat.When u don’t want to continue chat you can easily leave the group chat but the other people logged in the chat remain chatting.
You can join back in the group chat by having invitation from the prevalent group chat member

Most of we people have felt for a long time the absence of using graphical emoticons in gtalk and google chat,but now this wait has been over.Google has launched the graphical emoticons to be used in chats.Now you can spice up your chats with these emoticons. :)

I was thinking about the feature of call in the gchat.Surely it would come soon.
Now no need to leave Gtalk or Gchat to join yahoo messenger or meebo because all the features are now added by google and still more features to come in the future. 😉

Easy and fast Orkut and Gmail Login for slow internet connections

Just a quick post for all my readers as I am busy these days with my exams.
For all those who have slow internet connections at their homes or in their offices these links for Orkut and Gmail login comes in very handy when u wanna check ur mails and Orkut Profiles without any Timeouts or Page not found message.So check out these links for fast access.
For Gmail Login

For Orkut Login

This list will be updated whenever required.
Sorry for less frequent Posts in the coming days. :(