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Chinese Hackers may Target India Too

As seeing enormous Chinese Hackers attacks on various oganisations (including Google and, india seems to be prone to Hackers attack as a latest case was noticed at  National Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan’s Office.

Google faced some similar suspicious activities and has decided to shut down its operations at Beijing as some of the suspicious activities were from there itself. On December 15th, Narayan claimed that many of the Govt. agencies were attacked by emails, containing malicious attachments seeking information and remote access.

Narayan also pointed that they are working to strengthen their security measures. According to Narayanan,

“This was not the first instance of an attempt to hack into our computers,” he also said that “It is difficult to find the exact source but [China] is the main suspicion. It seems well founded.

Is Orkut and Facebook really going to be banned in India

Here comes a very interesting series of blog posts by a no. of bloggers in and around India.

On April 1 after the conception of This Breaking News-India May Ban Facebook, Orkut and Foreign Social Networking Sites by a famous technology portal there was really a dash of panic among many people. At first I too was shocked about this news.

“Sites such as Orkut and Facebook allow for heavily encrypted exchanges of information”, a highly placed source at the MHA told MHA officials are believed to be especially worried about the phenomenon of “scraps” and “pokes” respectively on these two sites.

This news by Tech2 has and is spreading like fire among Orkut and other social networking sites users and fans .

Many blogs are considering this news as serious and writing very serious tone posts about this subject “Orkut and Facebook banned in India”. I would like to correct these blogs Continue reading Is Orkut and Facebook really going to be banned in India

India’s First Social Network for 2008 Mallya sees opportunity in Social Networking

Now Vijay Mallya has expressed its desire to jump onto the Social Networking Bandwagon by launching India’s first sports related social network for Force India F1. The social network hopes to position itself as an engagement tool for all F1 fans in India irrespective of the team they support.

There are extensive community building features on Club Force for ForceIndia and F1 supporters where supporters can create personalized blogs, upload videos, photos and connect with each other through forums and groups. The site uses social networking technologies for community creation. Essentially there is not too much innovation in terms of what the network can offer to the user.This is to just promote their brand Force India F1.

The Network is an infant but in terms of creation of conversations and user engagement it has done recently well. Have a look at the Club Force Stats:-
Continue reading India’s First Social Network for 2008 Mallya sees opportunity in Social Networking

Orkut India for Diwali

I just checked out my Orkut Profile and saw a link at top cornor of my profile with Happy Diwali clicking it amazed me and it totally changed the looks and feels of my Orkut Profile for the festival of Diwali.It just gave me a high to see crackers and lights in the background.So just log in to your Orkut Profile and see the fun by clicking the link given on top.This is the orkut image int the background which u will see.Profile background
This profile look is only available for the Indian Orkut Audience for the Festival of Diwali.
So,Happpy Diwali to all my Indian Audience in India and abroad.