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Pidgin Chat client for Linux, Unix and Windows : Login to Multiple Chat Networks

Pidgin is a chat program which lets you log in to accounts on multiple chat networks simultaneously. It helps you connect with your yahoo, gmail, aim, MSN and more network buddies all at the same time. I am currently using the latest version of Pidgin on my Ubuntu machine (Pidgin 2.6.3).


Pidgin is available for download for Windows, Linux and Unix platforms at Pidgin Download and for OsX it has a substitute called Continue reading Pidgin Chat client for Linux, Unix and Windows : Login to Multiple Chat Networks

How to Solve (Fix) Wi-Fi and Internet problems in Ubuntu

Configuring Wifi and Internet in Ubuntu.

I have been personally dealing with this problem from past 1 week. But didn’t get the time to solve this because of busy schedule. Some days back I installed Ubuntu on my machine and started playing with its features. Accidentally I somehow removed the Network Manager of Ubuntu, which is the default Gnome Network App in Ubuntu. At this time I didn’t knew how to solve this problem as my internet is not working now.

I tried searching from other machine but wasn’t able to get an effective solution. I tried many commands and tutorials but all in vain. These are some of the commands I tried.

  1. sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart – To restart network Daemons in Ubuntu and configuring the Interfaces
  2. sudo ifdown eth0 – To stop eth0 interface
  3. sudo ifdown wlan0 – To stop wireless Lan Interface Continue reading How to Solve (Fix) Wi-Fi and Internet problems in Ubuntu

6 Most Fast Ways to Build up E-Commerce WebSites

Recently, I have been searching around for scripts/platforms and ways to build E-Commerce sites on the go. When it comes to E-Commerce Sites and Platforms there are many things to be taken care of when selecting those platforms for your business and website. Some of the things that are critical in the Ecommerce sites are Billing, Shipping, User Management, Catalog Management, Catalog Browsing, Checkout, Mobile Commerce, Support Community, Marketing etc.

So, Now I am going to categorize the platforms or ways to build these E-Commerce Sites.ecommerce platforms

  1. Magento – Magento is a customized version of OsCommerce. It is designed by a company called Varien. It comes in two editions Enterprice and Community (Free) . It has got many features which are very effective and gives the edge to this ECommerce Platform. Some of those are , Marketing promotions and Tools, Search Engine Marketing, Analytics and Reporting, Catalog Management, Good Supoort Community, multi-lingual, Customer Service, mobile commerce (iphone optimized). you can find the complete list here. Continue reading 6 Most Fast Ways to Build up E-Commerce WebSites

Back to Blogging, The Hard Way

I was out of blogging for some days,now it was some or I might call it many back-end issues and personal issues which were keeping me Busy.
So I should throw some light on what were these issues.

    First,I was Attacked by some malicious robots (scripts) which traverse the web automatically to find sites which are potential targets for them.

    After they find out their potential targets they just attack those sites with anything like malicious or spammy links which they hide on your site so that they are not visible to you (invisible text) or your visitors but they are definitly visible to search engines.

    More Details about the type of attacks can be found out here

    These spammy links provide them with the link juice of the web site which is attacked because these links are .
    I should show you some example of what are these links like:

    These spam links may be hidden anywhere on your site mainly footers and headers and blog posts.

    So why all this happened to my website???
    It is due to the file permissions which were set to 775 by me due to some reasons.Not getting into the details now.

    In the period of this Aftermath which started at 25th June and ended on 15th July my SERP’s in google and other search engines dropped considerably and traffic was next to null ,because google and any other search engine don’t allow such sites to rank in their results.

    It was kind of a Dampening effect on me as I was giving regular updates and there was no traffic.That was another reason why I was out of blogging for a while. As I believer of the saying “Give regular updates, Get regular Traffic”.

    Then I came across a post by blogger who faced the similar issues for which came as a relief that its not only I who is experiencing such attacks.

    I removed those spam links by detecting each and every part of the scripts working for my blog and removed those link spam and installed some wordpress security plugins which automatically detects for such intrusions and resolve the same.

  • Second I was changing my host for to better godaddy servers which was previously hosted on servers.
    Why this decision ???

    1. The zz60 servers were contantly down for some weeks due to some DDOS attacks which they were experiencing and were unable to rectify those.
    2. Second some of my wp scripts were not functioning correctly with the hosting of zz60.

    Thanks to Sahil for supporting my initial phase of blogging.

What is Proxy How it Works

I have been posting numerous posts about facebook,orkut and myspace proxies.
Today I will tell you how these proxies work and what they do….

Proxies allow you to surf the internet with a high level of privacy, security and anonymity. When you access a website from the proxy server site, information like your browser type, location, operating system and IP address is eliminated and the proxy server website is recorded as the accessing computer instead of your computer. This helps you maintain the privacy, security and anonymity you desire, as it facilitates web browsing without your information being identified and bypasses the network filters and firewalls.

The process is Continue reading What is Proxy How it Works

Is Orkut and Facebook really going to be banned in India

Here comes a very interesting series of blog posts by a no. of bloggers in and around India.

On April 1 after the conception of This Breaking News-India May Ban Facebook, Orkut and Foreign Social Networking Sites by a famous technology portal there was really a dash of panic among many people. At first I too was shocked about this news.

“Sites such as Orkut and Facebook allow for heavily encrypted exchanges of information”, a highly placed source at the MHA told MHA officials are believed to be especially worried about the phenomenon of “scraps” and “pokes” respectively on these two sites.

This news by Tech2 has and is spreading like fire among Orkut and other social networking sites users and fans .

Many blogs are considering this news as serious and writing very serious tone posts about this subject “Orkut and Facebook banned in India”. I would like to correct these blogs Continue reading Is Orkut and Facebook really going to be banned in India

Have plans for going to Mars Google yearly Prank for April 1


Gooogle playing pranks with people every year on April 1 with its April fool prank.

This year google has ambitious plans for us (google users) to drive us to a well-planned colony in Mars.

This project is known as project VIRGLE (Vir-Virgin Atlantic – gle-google).

Its a joint project taken up by Virgin founder Richard Branson and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Project Virgle will be leading hundreds of users on one of the grandest adventures in human history.It is starting in 2014.

All of the last year pranks by google are at Google April Fool Pranks .
So NJOY those PRanks Google’s Way.

The Mammoth Gawker Publication and Blog Network

I recently came around a blog network or a blog publication company which has one of the most famous blogs in the blogging world. I am writing this post for newbies that how can blogging be taken as a profession and a mighty Internet business.The understated network is just one of the networks from many.I am huge fan of gawker media.

This publication company is none other than Gawker Media which has a blog network of 15 most famous of blogs.There blogs write about things from most general to most niche based fields.Gawker media has a readership of more than 30 million monthly uniques.

Its blog network includes the following blogs:

  1. Gawker
    Gawker dishes the most current and cutting New York media and culture gossip on the web. The site has become essential reading for those who want hypocrisy debunked and faux-sincerity exposed, all with a healthy dose of snark. Today, Gawker’s readership and relevancy has expanded well beyond the confines of New York.
    Readership above 210k.
  2. Defamer
    Defamer is a users guide to the ins and outs of “The Industry”, all of its hilarity and hyperbole, its dish and disaster. Continue reading The Mammoth Gawker Publication and Blog Network