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[LIST] – 6 Free and Best Web Directory Scripts

Have you ever wanted to setup your own online web directory? Ever heard of DMOZ? and want to setup a site like that. These are the Best 6 free web directory scripts that you can use. You can use these scripts to run your own web directories online.

What you need before that: Domain name, hosting (online file storage) and some technical know-how about installing these directories and you can get started.

  1. PHP Link Directory v2 – – Create a general directory of the best resources accross the web, and allow people to submit their sites. You can also earn money by charging for the review process, as well as a premium for featured links. Many have profitted from this model, and people continue to do this today. Continue reading [LIST] – 6 Free and Best Web Directory Scripts

7 Sure Shot Ways to be Productive with Social Networks

Steps to be effective with social networks

Social Networks Part of Your Web Strategy. Social networks need to be part of your Internet marketing for your business. They are the untapped resources that still need to be utilized fully and effectively as you can see google is also making them a part of their online ad business.
Traffic and personal connections from LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace are just too big to ignore.

There are many social networks, with specialties or niches.
For instance is about goal setting while is about travel. is the networking site for car enthusiasts.

The best and most effective way to use social networks is to choose the one that most closely matches your market. Find the one that most closely fits your ideal “target demographic” and then spend time and really network with people and become part of them.

  1. Choose a network that includes your targeted demographic. Remember that smaller networks tend to be easier and faster to connect with.
  2. Decide on what you want to accomplish and what people (industries, level in the organization) that you want to reach.
  3. Don’t just sign-up and visit occasionally. Interact and spend time networking with the members and become a part of the group.
  4. Don’t go in looking for customers to convert into a quick sale. Go in with the idea that you want to build relationships. You can create many unexpected alliances that can cause your business to benefit in many unexpected ways.
  5. Use the phone to contact “friends” you create to increase the interactions and better build business relationships.
  6. Constantly adjust your approach and try new things to get new and better results.(Wait for results for some days as they will take their own time to achieve)
  7. Real benefits come from networking over a long period. Don’t expect instant results and the results you get will be proportional to the effort you put in. As one has rightly said that patience and hardwork are the keys to success.

So,go ahead and try out these networks for your online business.

So, Give in more of your feedbacks about what can be done more apart from these things to do successful business with social networking in comments.

Pay per post(ppp) really great for both bloggers and advertisers

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I think its really going to work for me.
Happy Blogging. :)

The recent buzzword for marketing houses and targeted advertising:yeh they are truely-truely blogs

A recent
businessweek report
states that blogs oe weblogs are attracting the major media publishers for their business after consuming on the fruits of social networking and virtual worlds like secondlife

That blogs – which generally provide continuously updated commentary on a particular subject, such as politics, economics, local news, or entertainment—are gaining Continue reading The recent buzzword for marketing houses and targeted advertising:yeh they are truely-truely blogs

Global Domains International(GDI)-Revolution with .ws domains

Its long time since I have written a post on this blog,its due to some unforeseen circumstances.I hope you missed my new posts.Kiddding… :)
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Here I am keeping my intro short and simple to let you get started right away.Today,everybody needs an Internet presence and the best way of doing this is to acquire a domain name.


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Did You Miss Out on the .COM Boom?

The first wave of the Internet opportunity explosion has come and gone. If you were in tune to the opportunities of the day in the late 1990’s AND you were very LUCKY, you likely would not be reading this right now. Instead, you would be resting comfortably “on the other side” as some call it. The place where the grass IS greener, or at least it would seem so, simply because you would have the financial independence, peace and the time to sit and watch it grow, if that were your desire.

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The Short Movie that Will Change Your Life

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