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6 Most Popular and Free Remote Desktop Sharing Tools

Many times in your daily lives, you go by instances of helping people (friends, parents, relatives etc.) in remote locations who are not tech savvy. Whenever you are in such situations where someone need help of your computer knowledge these remote desktop tools comes in handy. These save your money and time while solving the problem. These remote desktop softwares have built in basic features like chat, file transfer, remote shutdown (if privileges) etc. I have been using some these myself for remote support and solving people’s technical glitches with their computers.


LogMeIN – Popular service for remote desktop sharing. Easily access remote PC  by installing a client software onto each machine. Good for remote PC trouble-shooting, etc. Its available for both Windows and MAC. Continue reading 6 Most Popular and Free Remote Desktop Sharing Tools

Hot Download of the Month:Online TV Player

From now on I will be providing you with Hot Download or Downloads every month, of the famous online or off line softwares which can enhance your productivity and entertainment experience.
From this series I am introducing to you the Online TV player which lets you watch shows that you have missed or are not been able to watch for some reason.


Requirements : Windows 9x/Me, Windows NT/2k/XP,Good Internet Connection.
License : Shareware
File size : 1.6MB


  • Online TV Player lets you watch 850+ Internet TV channels.
  • You can Listen more than 1500 online radio stations.
  • In built feature that searches various TV Websites for list of shows making it much easier for you to watch TV directly without going to Web sites.
  • It Supports both Windows Media and Real Video formats.
  • Can set the screen window to any size you want.

The greatest advantage is that you can watch these in your offices or while at work while you have some free time with this Online TV Player software.

Remote Management Solutions from Uplogix

Good news for network administrators,Uplogix has brought for them a meaningful and efficient solution to help them maintain their network applications and computer networks even when they are spanned at multiple physical locations.
With the Uplogix Envoy appliance, network administrators can monitor connectivity, fix problems, automate maintenance tasks, and log changes for the entire network from one location. Envoy is always connected, even when the network goes down, so administrators can quickly get things running again without having to travel to a remote office or serve.
It also have the strongest security, encryption, and authentication standards to ensure network security.
With uplogix Out Of Band Management solutions network administrators can sleep at ease without having the network blues.

Apogee Search-Apogee Search Blog

In this internet world where anything on the web relies on the effective searches and effective optimization of content to be on top of search results the semantics are very clear enough that u have to take help of someone who can give a rocket start to your business by optimizing your website and its contents.

Apogee search is one such company that can help you with this Search Engine Marketing. Since its inception in 2001, Apogee Search has rapidly grown to become one of the 25 largest Search Engine Marketing firms in the world. Founded by early Internet pioneers and McKinsey & Co. alumni, Apogee focuses on a variety of proven online marketing methods that include paid search, natural search, ad exchanges, and online media buying. All of Apogee Search’s solutions are designed to drive qualified, targeted visitors to B2B and B2C websites for more leads, customers, revenues and profits.

Apogee Search uses proven techniques, powerful Web analytics tools, and a deep expertise in statistical evaluation to generate solid, measurable results at every stage of the search engine marketing process.
For more information please give a visit to Apogee blog

Pay per post(ppp) really great for both bloggers and advertisers

This is my first referral post on my blog,I really don’t beleive in referral posts my friends would talk about but after being struck through Payperpost I think it is really genuine. Payperpost offer a way for bloggers to make money and they offer easy instructions for both bloggers and advertisers. They have a lively and busy forum that gives you a plenty of information about advertisers so you can pick and choose your opportunities.PayPerPost actually helps me to find services and products I didn’t all ready know about by allowing me to browse all the available opportunities. If you have a blog or want to write some reviews on your blog then you should consider working with PayPerPost.PPP allows bloggers to discuss about the products they r interested in and which is there niche for blogging and get paid for such discussions or posts on your blog.You can write 3 posts(max) in a day depending upon the opportunities available for you.The greatest thing about this program is that they are giving you 20$ for your first pay per post.But there are also terms attached to this program like you can not have third party ads or other detractors inside your ppp post.Visit PayPer Post for more information about payperpost.
I think its really going to work for me.
Happy Blogging. :)

Free Online Storage Services

Don’t want to spend money and installation hassles on new storage hardware for your precious media? Whether it’s for sharing memories in the form of digital photos and videos over the web—or just practical documents you want to protect against that all-too-common hard disk crash, these six services offer secure, and often free, ways to back up your files and get access to them anywhere. The services also provide a way to share your data with others without sending huge email attachments. Most of them offer drag-and-drop for easy uploading.

Continue reading Free Online Storage Services

Search Engine for Science Videos

ScienceHack is a search engine for science videos. Every video on this site is verified by a scientist or an engineer.It focuses on many topics including physics, chemistry,mathematics and biology. If you go to YouTube to search for videos, you will get spam videos and low quality videos. ScienceHack is away from that spam. ScienceHack currently supports videos from YouTube, Google videos and Metacafe. It is currently in its alpha edition.
Do you know any of such video sites.
Feel free to mention them in comments.

Ja Kel’s blog reviewed by Tech2view

Ja Kel is running an experiment to get higher on SERP for the text “make money“. He emailed me to write a review for his blog with the required anchor text. I will get a link back back from a PR5 blog in return of writing this review. Though the link is not from a related content site. Thats all with Tech2view review of ja kel.