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How a Hacker took hold of Times Square Digital Screens

This is what technology can do it for you. A hacker or geek (whatever) demonstrates how with iPhone, transmitter and repeater one can easily take over the control of what is displayed on the digital screen. He plugs in the transmitter into the headphone minjack of iPhone and then plays the any video and then this transmitter sends signal to repeater which is held close to the digital screen and you can see this video playing on the hacked screen. He chose times square only because there were a lot of screens to test on at this place. I wonder whether this hack works for other phone firmwares (symbians, blackberrys, android) also. Anyways it is open for anyone to try if that works.

I am also a bit in doubt of whether this is real or fake, but it is worth a try. Post in your comments about whether this works with other phones also or not.

Chinese Hackers may Target India Too

As seeing enormous Chinese Hackers attacks on various oganisations (including Google and, india seems to be prone to Hackers attack as a latest case was noticed at  National Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan’s Office.

Google faced some similar suspicious activities and has decided to shut down its operations at Beijing as some of the suspicious activities were from there itself. On December 15th, Narayan claimed that many of the Govt. agencies were attacked by emails, containing malicious attachments seeking information and remote access.

Narayan also pointed that they are working to strengthen their security measures. According to Narayanan,

“This was not the first instance of an attempt to hack into our computers,” he also said that “It is difficult to find the exact source but [China] is the main suspicion. It seems well founded.

Free 6 months McAfee Internet Security Copy with Facebook

Some days back Facebook in collaboration with McAfee decided to giveaway 6 months of free subscription for  McAfee Internet Security.

Before downloading the 6 months subscription package, you must become a fan of McAfee Fan Page. After you have done with this go to Protect your PC tab of the page. In this you have to select your country and get started with the download of your copy. McAfee has also declared special discount for facebook users after the completion of free 6 months.   Continue reading Free 6 months McAfee Internet Security Copy with Facebook

Google Hack Attack (Operation Aurora) in Action

Last days google faced a real hard time from crackers in china. Crackers exploited the loop holes in IE to steal in the account informations for google accounts of human right activists.


The Target’s

Google was not the only one who faced attacks under operation Aurora. Many big companies like Abobe, yahoo, Rackspace hosting, Juniper systems faced such attacks. Total of 20 comanies faced this attack originating from china. Read a New Approach to china where google is claiming such attacks on its official blog. Continue reading Google Hack Attack (Operation Aurora) in Action

Back to Blogging, The Hard Way

I was out of blogging for some days,now it was some or I might call it many back-end issues and personal issues which were keeping me Busy.
So I should throw some light on what were these issues.

    First,I was Attacked by some malicious robots (scripts) which traverse the web automatically to find sites which are potential targets for them.

    After they find out their potential targets they just attack those sites with anything like malicious or spammy links which they hide on your site so that they are not visible to you (invisible text) or your visitors but they are definitly visible to search engines.

    More Details about the type of attacks can be found out here

    These spammy links provide them with the link juice of the web site which is attacked because these links are .
    I should show you some example of what are these links like:

    These spam links may be hidden anywhere on your site mainly footers and headers and blog posts.

    So why all this happened to my website???
    It is due to the file permissions which were set to 775 by me due to some reasons.Not getting into the details now.

    In the period of this Aftermath which started at 25th June and ended on 15th July my SERP’s in google and other search engines dropped considerably and traffic was next to null ,because google and any other search engine don’t allow such sites to rank in their results.

    It was kind of a Dampening effect on me as I was giving regular updates and there was no traffic.That was another reason why I was out of blogging for a while. As I believer of the saying “Give regular updates, Get regular Traffic”.

    Then I came across a post by blogger who faced the similar issues for which came as a relief that its not only I who is experiencing such attacks.

    I removed those spam links by detecting each and every part of the scripts working for my blog and removed those link spam and installed some wordpress security plugins which automatically detects for such intrusions and resolve the same.

  • Second I was changing my host for to better godaddy servers which was previously hosted on servers.
    Why this decision ???

    1. The zz60 servers were contantly down for some weeks due to some DDOS attacks which they were experiencing and were unable to rectify those.
    2. Second some of my wp scripts were not functioning correctly with the hosting of zz60.

    Thanks to Sahil for supporting my initial phase of blogging.

Give Youself a Cover Online

A Quick Post after many Days.
I was reading this great article in chicagotribune which says about how to keep your online identity safe and secure i.e how to cover your web usage tracks online.
There are many ways your can do this but there are some which are really tested and helps you in a long run.
SO I am gonna give you some tips for your online security and removing your traces.

  1. First thing to Do is to switch of your routers when you are offline or gone for sleep.This helps you to get the new IP address (technical name assigned to a computer over Internet) everytime you Continue reading Give Youself a Cover Online

What is Proxy How it Works

I have been posting numerous posts about facebook,orkut and myspace proxies.
Today I will tell you how these proxies work and what they do….

Proxies allow you to surf the internet with a high level of privacy, security and anonymity. When you access a website from the proxy server site, information like your browser type, location, operating system and IP address is eliminated and the proxy server website is recorded as the accessing computer instead of your computer. This helps you maintain the privacy, security and anonymity you desire, as it facilitates web browsing without your information being identified and bypasses the network filters and firewalls.

The process is Continue reading What is Proxy How it Works

How to frame really strong unbreakable Passwords for Windows and other OS

This is a very nice video which I got while blogging.A must watch vidio for all of u who spend time on windows or other platforms.
It tells u how to set up unbreakable passwords.Normally passwords people set up for their windows OS are easily cracked down by password crackers and dictionary or brute force attacks.

The very secure password which u can set up for your windows platform is of 14 cahracters.
I hope u like this cool video.
Hackers now hold on yourself for really strong competition from today’s informed audience.
Comments r welcome.