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News Feed Is Now Facebook’s Patent

Facebook has won a US patent on its News Feed. The American patent summarized “invention” as “a method for displaying a news feed in a social network environment” as quoted by Times Of India.


Since the launch of News Feed in 2006, the website showed a major outburst and popularity amongst various social networking sites. These dynamic updates
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Free 6 months McAfee Internet Security Copy with Facebook

Some days back Facebook in collaboration with McAfee decided to giveaway 6 months of free subscription for  McAfee Internet Security.

Before downloading the 6 months subscription package, you must become a fan of McAfee Fan Page. After you have done with this go to Protect your PC tab of the page. In this you have to select your country and get started with the download of your copy. McAfee has also declared special discount for facebook users after the completion of free 6 months.   Continue reading Free 6 months McAfee Internet Security Copy with Facebook

Setting up Facebook Fan Page for your Brand

How to add establish fan page for your blog or website on facebook? Facebook these days have become a medium of sharing your interests with your friends and communicating with them through the use of videos, pictures and wall. But Facebook has many unexplored features which can really help you build your personal brand. It might be your website, blog, product or services. One of the features is the facebook fan page. How to enable a fan page for you brand. Almost any popular website or product today has a fan page on facebook e.g. Mashable, Search Engine LandTechie Buzz and Tech2view. Continue reading Setting up Facebook Fan Page for your Brand

[How to] Download Facebook albums with Facepad

Last day I was wondering about how to download a facebook album. One way was to open every picture, then right click and then selecting SAVE AS option for every picture, this would be so tedious. Second, option would eb to batch download all pictures in album. Facepad came to the rescue. Facepad is a firefox addon that you can install from on your Mozilla Firefox browsers.

FacePAD, better known as the Facebook Photo Album Downloader will allow you to download your friends’ facebook albums, events albums, and group Albums, en masse, with the click of a button. Continue reading [How to] Download Facebook albums with Facepad

How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Website-Blog

Facebook has now emerged as a main stream Social Media Platform for almost all the people around the world. It popularity can be largely be guessed by seeing its Alexa ranking which is now #3 after Google #1 and Yahoo #2. I guess it will be # 2 after 1-2 years but that’s not the point.

The point is the amount of traffic you will be generating to your site when you use facebook as a platform for promotion of your blogs and websites (not spam it). Imagine the amount of traffic when you blog posts will hit the live activity stream of each of your friends home page on facebook. It has other advantages also beside just creating the buzz, it will help your blog/blog posts to get indexed fast by search engines. It can also help make your posts go Viral among your friends and Fans but it usually depends upon the content. Facebook has become an important tool for Social Media Marketing these days. facebook-logo

In this post I am going to jot down the Ways in which Facebook can be used to spread the word around for your websites and blog posts (blogs).

  1. Networked Blogs – It is the most easiest ways to get your blog posts show up in the activity stream of your and your friends. It is a facebook application which can be add to your profile just like the normal apps. It can be found at After going to this link you will find an option of ADD YOUR BLOG click it and add your blog feed or URL that you want to import in. This app also provides a Widget which you can place on your blog or website to show and gain more fan following. This widget also can be used to declare that you are an author of this blog. You can control which blog posts are shared and which are not. You can also become the fans of other blogs whic you find informative and useful. The benefit of this App. is that it creates a link that refers to your original post on your website. Continue reading How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Website-Blog

How to Remove Automated Notes RSS/Feeds Imports from Facebook Profile

Are you on Facebook and facing a problem of RSS/Feeds automatically showing up in your profile activity stream in form of notes. I recently had this problem of activity stream. I searched about this and people are actually having problem and are searching for a way to remove these types of Imports. But it seems they are not getting solution to this setting easily. So, I searched for a solution to this on how to stop importing feeds.

Here are a Few Simple Steps:

  1. Go to your Profile page on Facebook.
  2. Then Under “What’s on your Mind” there is a share button. Under this share button there are Options
  3. Click on this Options Link. This will now be changed to Settings.
  4. Click settings now.
  5. Under Settings you will find Stories Posted by you and Sites Imported.
  6. Under Imported Sites your will have feeds that you have imported earlier. From here you can change the feed or simple Delete it.

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Remain Invisible in Facebook Invisible Status

How to remain invisible in facebook.


Facebook trying out new things for its members in impression of Google.
Google introduced invisible status mode in Gmail Chat (not in Gtalk) and improved privacy options for orkut users, 20-30 days back.
Now facebook also added Privacy Options for its members and users which are very easy to use and control.

Now you can be invisible in Facebook from the rest of the world by using facebook privacy options. You can find this option in profile privacy controls .

You can edit or change your status from “Update your status” on the Home page. Alternatively, you can edit your facebook Status from your profile page by clicking on “edit” in the Status Box.

I think facebook will be trying a lot more new things in a month or so to hold itself strong among users.
Facebook is in fierce competition now from OpenSocial API and other social networking sites.

The F-Factor comes live Facebook in France

This is a good news for all the facebook users of France.Now these 1.4 million users can now use French as a medium of social networking.Facebook one of the most popular social netwoking site has launched its French version to people on last Sunday night.For this facebook used the local people of france to help him make them a native platform.Spain and Germany already has its local versions of Facebook.


This task is done by 4000 french personals to translate the English on facebook to French language, with some extreme vocabulary translated from English to French.Now french users can see the facebook page in 4 different languages English,Geraman,Swedish and now French which is quite less ads compared to myspace which support more than 20 different language for its social network.As for some facebook apps they are left in English itself.

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