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Is Orkut and Facebook really going to be banned in India

Here comes a very interesting series of blog posts by a no. of bloggers in and around India.

On April 1 after the conception of This Breaking News-India May Ban Facebook, Orkut and Foreign Social Networking Sites by a famous technology portal there was really a dash of panic among many people. At first I too was shocked about this news.

“Sites such as Orkut and Facebook allow for heavily encrypted exchanges of information”, a highly placed source at the MHA told MHA officials are believed to be especially worried about the phenomenon of “scraps” and “pokes” respectively on these two sites.

This news by Tech2 has and is spreading like fire among Orkut and other social networking sites users and fans .

Many blogs are considering this news as serious and writing very serious tone posts about this subject “Orkut and Facebook banned in India”. I would like to correct these blogs Continue reading Is Orkut and Facebook really going to be banned in India

MyMiniLife:Smaller version of SecondLife on OrkutApp

Its time for something new and something very amazing on

Orkut-The most popular social networking site.

This is being made possible by the
OpenSocial API
launched by Google by which developers and users can make their own applications.(anything they like which is creative).
These Applications for now are only available for the members who have subscribed in to Orkut sandbox.

Now its time that these applications are open to the general Orkut members, Google will soon be announcing dates for that good news.

MyMiniLife is like the smaller version of Continue reading MyMiniLife:Smaller version of SecondLife on OrkutApp

Orkut Tricks Revision Part-1

This Post is Dedicated to Orkut Fans who like to try different tricks in Orkut.
I think most of you would be knowing these Orkut Tricks but still there is no reason strong enough not to brush up your memories.

How to write Anonymous Scraps in Orkut

  1. Create a fake account at orkut
  2. Write the scraps to the person you want.
  3. Delete the account and your scraps will become anonymous at orkut.

How to Find those who have crush on you in orkut.

  1. Add the one you think might have crush on you.
  2. If that person have already added you to their crush list , you will get an email.

How to write a Blank(Junk) Scrap in orkut.

  1. Delete everything Continue reading Orkut Tricks Revision Part-1

How can I change Cover Photo in Orkut Album

Now its time for some Orkut Tips for my audience who believe in Orkut social networking.I will show you here how to change Cover Photo of your Orkut Album.

In Orkut whenever you create a new album, the first picture that you upload will automatically be set as the album’s cover photo. Many Orkut users face problems in changing cover photo of there Album.
Follow these 5 basic steps to let the breeze come your way:

  1. Click photos on the Left sidebar of your profile.
  2. In the Albums box, click on the album whose cover photo you want to change.
  3. Click the edit button below the picture you Continue reading How can I change Cover Photo in Orkut Album

New Orkut Sql Injection Creating Spam in scrapbooks

I think social networking sites are now being attacked by hackers with scripts and code snippets,that is posing security threats to naive day to day naive users.

As reported by an Orkut user there is a script going on in Orkut that scrap your friends like this….when u execute it in your address bar.

Hi,How are you.
Do you know there was a profile in news last night.
link :- click here

Can BigAdda become India’s Orkut!!

India’s social networking site, BigAdda, which could give Orkut and Facebook a run for its money is expanding its roots in young India.
With Bigadda check your scraps on your phone,send friend requests from your phone, have discussions in as many as eight different languages.You can make your own adda’s (community) or join present Adda’s all on

What makes Bigadda a most happening social networking site??

  • Soon Bigadda will be available on wireless and mobile phones
  • It has an estimated 1.24 million users so far, for its five-month age and is fast catching up among Indian youth, especially in tier 2 cities like Guwahati, Nashik, Surat, Tuticorin, Bhilai and Amritsar.
  • Bigadda is experiencing a tremendous growth rate of nearly 15,000 people signing up everyday
  • Bigadda is extremely careful about the privacy factor. It also has an option of allowing only your friends to view your scraps and messages,locking them for strangers.

The basic purpose of the social networking site “Bigadda” is to help people connect and since the mobile phone has become such an inseparable part of our lives with over 450 million users, it makes sense to make available the service to such devices as well, as claimed by the company.

I think most of the social networking sites have to prepare themselves up for the severe amount of competition ahead,because such new sites are taking over a share of market at a break neck speed.

What are your views about these sites and and what do u think of the competition ahead ,go ahead to express your views in comments.

Orkut scrap worm on rampage-How safe is Orkut

Orkut (google) is considered to be a safe social networking site, but a few days back a worm first of its kind has hit orkut.This worm named virus.js has popped-up a question about how safe these social networks are and how can safety be maintained without effecting the openness of these social networks.

Virus.js worm outbreak has hit users of Google’s Orkut network, with 700,000 users becoming infected in the first 24 hours. This outbreak has many similarities with the ‘Samy’ worm on MySpace in 2005. It propagates by sending messages to everyone on the ‘friends’ list of each newly infected user. It demonstrates the power of so-called cross-site scripting attacks (XSS) and runs by appending a malicious piece of JavaScript to the user’s profile. It exploits a loophole in the Google webmaster’s design. The relatively harmless worm appears to use JavaScript and Flash code to create new scrapbook entries on profiles with a New Year’s message in Portuguese before propagating to the victim’s friends.This virus has mainly harmed users of Brazil and Portugal. Luckily it has not hit Indian profile yet.

User doesnot have to click any link for execution,it starts works automatically when the scrapbook-page loads and prompts user to join the community named in portugese as

“Infectados pelo Vírus do Orkut” means “Infected by Virus Orkut.”

It has not caused much harm to users but has spammed orkut heavily.

This is not the first attack on Orkut’s users; Continue reading Orkut scrap worm on rampage-How safe is Orkut

Hate communities on Orkut

In this time of 2008 apart from many good social networks and good communities there are few communities on orkut and thefacebook which allows people to give vent to their anti-social feelings.These anti-social feelings can be in the form of hostility towards some celebrity or a popular person or just an emotion of hatred or dislike.

Of these there are anti-social communities or rather hate communities for Ekta Kapoor (76,468), Himesh Reshamiya (33,137), Shah Rukh Khan (11,179), Greg Chappell (7,659), Musharraf (1,362) Amitabh Bachchan (1,410) to name a few.The members of these communities are in thousands and increasing day-by-day.Even Mahatma Gandhi,Father of Nation of India has 6,647 members.
shares a community too.We have also heard about the social networking sites banned in some countries which do not put a check on these communities or to the extent they promote hate.China and Korea for example.

This is what the Google Spokesperson has to say about these orkut hate communities.

We take the abuse of Orkut seriously and are constantly developing new tools to review inappropriate content on the site. Orkut users can report content to our reviewers by clicking the ‘report as bogus’ button. There are also tools for community owners to delete posts or topics, ban users and delete anonymous posts

These things are going to increase day by day as if there is a good side there is bad too.
But the google authorities and we people in general have to limit these to an extent that do not prove to be a bad consequence for our world.