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Web browser for social networks and Web2 -Flock

As I earlier mentioned that this is the year of social network and web applications aggregators in my recent post
Social-networking-aggregators-Focus applications for 2008
this is coming out to be more than what I expected…

One such aggregator cum web-application is Flock which is The Most Popular Social Web Browser and make’s it to the CNET’s list of “Best Mac Software of 2007″.

It is a browser, evolved for people. It is free to download and use. Flock simplifies and extends the use of social and web-based applications to share,communicate and exchange information in a smooth manner.It is downloadable software. Search for its dump quering for Flock in google search engine.

Flock with its previouus release of 1.0 has been highly useful and acclaimed by both users and critics and now this mountain view based company started in 2005 has launched its flock1.1 which has added new functionalities such as:

  1. Web Mail Integration-To integrate Gmail and Yahoomail so that users can easily share web pages, images and articles with a simple click.
  2. Friends Activity-It helps you stay in touch with your favorite people across Flock’s supported social services.Flock alerts you whenever some of your friend make changes to his profile or posts a new message or uploads a photo.
  3. Picassa Integrations-Flock which was previouly supporting photo uploads from Flickr has now integrated with Picassa ,the most popular photo sharing service.You can integrate your Picassa albums with FLock and drag an drop your favourite photos and albums.

How to create your own social network

You all may be wondering about how can we make our own social network.Now some startup companies some distinguished and some miniature allow you to build your own customized social networks,these are known as “white labelled” social networking platforms.
The idea of white labeling a network is to make the platform provider as invisible as possible to the social network’s users and to brand the network with the builder’s identity or intent.
There are three categories by which we can make our own social network:

  • By using the Social Network Platforms these are basically do-it-yourself ways with minimum support and interaction from the platform provider.These platform provider includes the following sites:
    1. Ning
    2. Collectivex
    3. GoingOn
    5. PeopleAggregator
    6. OneSite
    7. Haystack
    8. KickApps
  • By using the Social Network scripts which are downloadable and you can host and then installed on your servers and use them for your company or for personal use.These include
    1. PhpFox
  • By using the customized solutions which make a social network for you according to your demands and needs and charge you monthly for that.They provide fexible and tailormade solutions to big organizations and media groups such as Oracle,Reuters and many more.They do changes and maintainance as per your demands.These companies include the following:

Refer to this detailed chart ofhow to make social network companies statsbefore going for any decision on deciding for your solution.

Social-networking-aggregators-Focus applications for 2008

More and more new in social networking these days.
Its time to aggregate all your social networks (Facebook,LinkedIN,Myspace,Flickrand more) into a single social networking aggregation sites.Called by most people as Meebo of social networks,these sites are a center of attraction for development and usage both.
These sites will be more and more developed in 2008 as seen by the present trends of
scattered social networks.More and more startups will be developing more social aggregators.

Presently some startups are focusing on identity consolidation, others on messaging consolidation and on tracking friends. Some like Profilefly offer consolidation of multiple things like Profiles, Contacts and Bookmarks.

These startups will be different from openid system of maintaining one profile for all logins at different sites and peopleaggregator which is an API platform to develop our own social networks and do-it-yourself social networking system.Its source code can be downloaded form their site.

Rather than relying on a single community for socializing, individuals often actively seek out a variety of appropriate people and resources for different situations.Recent research data from confirms that people are tending to have multiple Social Network Memberships. E.g. 20% of MySpace members are also Facebook Members.

This concept of social aggregators can be understood by this analogy,You might be an amateur photographer sharing tips and getting advice about wide angle lenses on Flickr but for your job related networking/mobility you would depend on LinkedIn. If some of your good friends from high school are on MySpace while the grad school folks went to Facebook you now have 4 Social Networks to Manage! Thats why my predication that tools for helping users manage their memberships across Social Networks will emerge focus apps for 2008.

Give in your opinions about the advantage of these applications in comments and if you like the post subscribe in below.

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