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37 Most Popular Mobile Social Networks-2008

Mobile Social Networking,Mobile Social Networks

Have your mobile phones handy now because these will now help you to connect with everything in the future your friends, your teachers, your parents,your peers,your boyfriends/girlfriends.

Stated as one of the key trends of 2008 Mobile social networks and communities are growing at a fast pace.
According to mobile research firm M:Metrics(use google for search), 12.3 million consumers in the US and Western Europe used mobile phones to access social networking sites in June 2007 (pretty old but yet huge number).

Mobile social networking looks like it’s here to stay and stay for long for your iPhone,BlackBerry’s and gPhones.
This is a very good list compiled by of the popular Mobile networks which helps u connect in very intuitive Continue reading 37 Most Popular Mobile Social Networks-2008

Social networking For foodaholics

Cool Social Networks

Eatscom_logo ya this is a social network for foodies and their choices of food.
Officially launching on April 1 its currently running in its beta stage.

When is up and running, it will have a comprehensive restaurant search engine, national story content and menus. Most importantly, you’ll be able to create an Eater Profile, so you can share opinions on restaurants and recipes for favorite dishes.

The nation’s leading restaurant information portal providing an interactive community for young foodies and the restaurants, features comprehensive neighborhood listings, Continue reading Social networking For foodaholics

Mobile social networking with Snockles

Its already told that social networking being one of the key trends for 2008. The new reformation to take place in the world of social networking is mobile social messaging or networking. It is a new platform for the users to change the way they communicate. Allowing the users to interact while they are on the move and freeing them from the desktop. Many of the so called “social networking sites” have been using it like Myspace, Facebook, Pownce, Twitter ,dodgeball are the few of many.

Snockles the public beta version of mobile social messaging service by Web Spiders.Snockles is a micro blogging site similar to twitter and pownce. It can be accessed through web and by users mobile. It was simultaneously launched in India and UK. A List of few selected European countries and others including Australia, Singapore and South Africa will be able to use the mobile services using the UK gateway. It is also available in business version.

These are the key features of Snockles –

* It is available for free.
* The user does not need to pay for sending or receiving SMS messages.
* By broadcasting a single message all the contacts of the user are able to receive it.
* You can share with your friends about your current locations, current activity and your thoughts.

Snockles founder Siddharth Jhunjhunwala shared his thoughts on competition –

“Snockles is focused on providing a messaging and communication platform, much like how email and IM are forms of messaging. With regards to competition like Facebook and Bebo, Snockles would be able to integrate with open APIs to allow seamless access to existing networks.”

Social Networking has always been a very good market for the entrepreneurs. It wouldn’t be surprise if Indian Social Networking Sites too join the MSN services. I also expect that many companies will be using this platform to promote their products through advertisements.

India’s First Social Network for 2008 Mallya sees opportunity in Social Networking

Now Vijay Mallya has expressed its desire to jump onto the Social Networking Bandwagon by launching India’s first sports related social network for Force India F1. The social network hopes to position itself as an engagement tool for all F1 fans in India irrespective of the team they support.

There are extensive community building features on Club Force for ForceIndia and F1 supporters where supporters can create personalized blogs, upload videos, photos and connect with each other through forums and groups. The site uses social networking technologies for community creation. Essentially there is not too much innovation in terms of what the network can offer to the user.This is to just promote their brand Force India F1.

The Network is an infant but in terms of creation of conversations and user engagement it has done recently well. Have a look at the Club Force Stats:-
Continue reading India’s First Social Network for 2008 Mallya sees opportunity in Social Networking

Mobile Social Networking with Cellware

As I mentioned out year 2008 will see
emergence of great social networks and networking technologies
of all time.

One such example of social networking technology is mobile social networking which is evolving at break neck speed.

Social Networks are adopting this feature into their mainstream applications and synchronizing with the wireless carriers globally to expand their reach.These social networks like facebook,myspace,dodgeball,snockles,etc. are also creating opportunities for their users to communicate on their mobiles and earn for generating content.

One such mobile network I will discuss here is is a service that adds a new twist to the mobile social networks. Like Nokia’s MOSH, allows users to share mobile content, but also adds a benefit to the content creators allowing them to actually make some money along the way. In addition, they’re providing their members with “fun and easy to use” tools to help them make mobile content, and again, monetize it

Cellware is a Mobile Social Network site with the largest selection of content for your phone on the net. Continue reading Mobile Social Networking with Cellware

Badoo-The Most Fastest Growing Social Network Site

Badoo, seems like some confusing word from Oxford dictionary ,no,no,no Badoo is a social networking site which is there to simple up your life.

Badoo has over 12.7 million users worldwide at this point of time and is now ready to take the United States by storm in 2008.

Some quick Facts and Features about Badoo:

  1. Badoo was brought to life in 2006 in London
  2. Badoo spans its reach to 180 countries already,still more to come.
  3. As a good global social networking site, Badoo offers its members the ability to communicate in seven different languages, and it will triple in 2008.
  4. It has an alarming 1,000,000 new members joining each month.
  5. stories, ideas, photos and lives.
  6. Annual Google Zeitgeist ranked Badoo as the second fastest-growing global search term only behind the iPhone
  7. Badoo is a self-funded, ad-free community site where members are not bothered by advertising, banner slogans or pop-ups.
  8. Badoo Members enjoy the site’s lightning-quick uploads of photos and videos that enhance the customization experience.
  9. Badoo has a a whole set of features which Myspace and Facebook have but its “Rise-up” feature is quite unique ,by this feature your profile can rise up to the front page giving it the extra importance and visits,this feature is charged normally at a rate of 1$ or 1 denomination depending upon your country.

So as I said previously new networks are taking speed.The legacy networking sites have to keep pace with these or there traffic subtraction is near.

How to create your own social network

You all may be wondering about how can we make our own social network.Now some startup companies some distinguished and some miniature allow you to build your own customized social networks,these are known as “white labelled” social networking platforms.
The idea of white labeling a network is to make the platform provider as invisible as possible to the social network’s users and to brand the network with the builder’s identity or intent.
There are three categories by which we can make our own social network:

  • By using the Social Network Platforms these are basically do-it-yourself ways with minimum support and interaction from the platform provider.These platform provider includes the following sites:
    1. Ning
    2. Collectivex
    3. GoingOn
    5. PeopleAggregator
    6. OneSite
    7. Haystack
    8. KickApps
  • By using the Social Network scripts which are downloadable and you can host and then installed on your servers and use them for your company or for personal use.These include
    1. PhpFox
  • By using the customized solutions which make a social network for you according to your demands and needs and charge you monthly for that.They provide fexible and tailormade solutions to big organizations and media groups such as Oracle,Reuters and many more.They do changes and maintainance as per your demands.These companies include the following:

Refer to this detailed chart ofhow to make social network companies statsbefore going for any decision on deciding for your solution.

Anti-Social-Networking-Sites cool among youngsters

Social networking is heading for a new turnaround here.
Rather than social networking youngsters are also discovering anti social networking.and what do they do there? Mock each other,hurl sarcasm at people they dislike or just vent out their anger for the things they do not feel correct.

SN-Sites like which “helps you to find places where other people are not”. Introvertster “Introvertster is an online community that prevents stupid people and friends from harrassing you online”. which sounds like facebook helps you hate anything you like with the likeminded. -“your enemy’s enemy is your friend”.
These anti-social-networks provide youngsters with the platform of doing these anti social activities.

The hate can be anything from political personalities (George Bush) and celebrities to anything from girls,boys,food,guys,music,parents,sex,work,clothes,life,people,college,money,sleep,
fat,drugs etc.These sites seem to be relevant and real to many youngsters because they instead of having to be good everytime these sites allow them to show their dislikes for friends and people alike.Its like confession box where they express all their feeling.It works as a relief for them.

These sites do have control,rules and regulations over the abusive language and obscene pictures and follow strict measures by deleting obscene messages.
Overall anti-social-sites are cool among young people.
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