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High Performance Computing with Clouds and Cloud Technologies

Recently as a course presentation, I gave a talk about pros and cons of using clouds and cloud technologies for high performance computing requirements. Nowadays, clouds are gaining a lot of attention for parallel computing requirements.

Hot Download of the Month:Online TV Player

From now on I will be providing you with Hot Download or Downloads every month, of the famous online or off line softwares which can enhance your productivity and entertainment experience.
From this series I am introducing to you the Online TV player which lets you watch shows that you have missed or are not been able to watch for some reason.


Requirements : Windows 9x/Me, Windows NT/2k/XP,Good Internet Connection.
License : Shareware
File size : 1.6MB


  • Online TV Player lets you watch 850+ Internet TV channels.
  • You can Listen more than 1500 online radio stations.
  • In built feature that searches various TV Websites for list of shows making it much easier for you to watch TV directly without going to Web sites.
  • It Supports both Windows Media and Real Video formats.
  • Can set the screen window to any size you want.

The greatest advantage is that you can watch these in your offices or while at work while you have some free time with this Online TV Player software.

Much hyped Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 Update released

This is a slightly off-topic to my main niche but I wanted to update you people and specially windows Vista users who are not happy with prevalent window vista capabilities, microsoft has pushed the much awaited SP1 release after many rumors in its download center and as Windows vista updates on current systems.

SP1(Service Pack 1) rolls together 23 security updates and 550 hotfixes into a 434.5MB download (726.5MB for the 64-bit version). Apart from improvements brought by individual updates that are now part of SP1, changes that SP1 brings by itself to Microsoft’s flagship(Vista) OS are many.these updates bring many more functionalities and features to WIndows Vista.

At present, Continue reading Much hyped Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 Update released

11 Factors for Sure Success with social networking campaigns

How do you campaign on social networks?
What factors you consider while handling each and every social network?
What business would you get if there is a successful campaign with these social networks?
This is very nice analysis done by Jeremiah Owyang who is a Web Strategist at SF Bay Area, USA. He tells you about the factors which will help businesses grow using these social networks.
This goes to the key factors which help in having success while campaigning with social networks.

  1. Meets a business objective
  2. Encourage Member Interaction
  3. Quickly scale
  4. Utilize Media
  5. Foster self-expression or communication
  6. Offer an satisfying User Experience
  7. Provide longer term utility
  8. Enhance Value as Community participants
  9. Supports Community Goals
  10. Company Participation
  11. You add your attribute

So next time you start a campaign consider working on these factors.
Your views are most welcome.

How to access cPanel while behind firewall using cPanel Proxy

Good news for Webmasters,Bloggers,Website Administrators and those behind strict corporate firewalls who are not be able to access their web host-provided cPanel (the platform and interface for managing you web hosting account). Now here comes the solution to this –Install cPanel Proxy on a sub-domain (like

cPanel Proxy is a small PHP script that gives access to your cPanel (including webmail and WHM) at port 80 by acting like a proxy .(For people behind strict firewalls.) It can be installed by server owner, reseller or end-users.

Below are the steps to set it up:

  1. Download the latest version (current: 0.4.1) from cpanel proxy from here and extract the contents to your local disk.
  2. Create a sub-domain.(like Now, for this you will need to have access to cPanel. So create this when you are at your home or any other place other than the restrictive firewall location.
  3. Upload all the files to the root directory of your sub-domain. Ex:- public_html/cpanel
    That’s it! Now you should be able to access the cPanel at your sub-domain.

And if you don’t know how to do this I can do this for you for a minimal amount of 3$.
Put in your views about this cpanel proxy script and is this proving effective for those who are using it.

Remote Management Solutions from Uplogix

Good news for network administrators,Uplogix has brought for them a meaningful and efficient solution to help them maintain their network applications and computer networks even when they are spanned at multiple physical locations.
With the Uplogix Envoy appliance, network administrators can monitor connectivity, fix problems, automate maintenance tasks, and log changes for the entire network from one location. Envoy is always connected, even when the network goes down, so administrators can quickly get things running again without having to travel to a remote office or serve.
It also have the strongest security, encryption, and authentication standards to ensure network security.
With uplogix Out Of Band Management solutions network administrators can sleep at ease without having the network blues.

Group Chat and Emoticons by Gmail

Google have just added group chat and emoticons features to its Gtalk and Gmail.

By group chat you can have conference with more than two people simultaneouly in the same chat window.When u have started he chat you can add more people to your chat by going into the options at the bottom-left of your chat window and activate group chat.When u don’t want to continue chat you can easily leave the group chat but the other people logged in the chat remain chatting.
You can join back in the group chat by having invitation from the prevalent group chat member

Most of we people have felt for a long time the absence of using graphical emoticons in gtalk and google chat,but now this wait has been over.Google has launched the graphical emoticons to be used in chats.Now you can spice up your chats with these emoticons. :)

I was thinking about the feature of call in the gchat.Surely it would come soon.
Now no need to leave Gtalk or Gchat to join yahoo messenger or meebo because all the features are now added by google and still more features to come in the future. 😉

Apogee Search-Apogee Search Blog

In this internet world where anything on the web relies on the effective searches and effective optimization of content to be on top of search results the semantics are very clear enough that u have to take help of someone who can give a rocket start to your business by optimizing your website and its contents.

Apogee search is one such company that can help you with this Search Engine Marketing. Since its inception in 2001, Apogee Search has rapidly grown to become one of the 25 largest Search Engine Marketing firms in the world. Founded by early Internet pioneers and McKinsey & Co. alumni, Apogee focuses on a variety of proven online marketing methods that include paid search, natural search, ad exchanges, and online media buying. All of Apogee Search’s solutions are designed to drive qualified, targeted visitors to B2B and B2C websites for more leads, customers, revenues and profits.

Apogee Search uses proven techniques, powerful Web analytics tools, and a deep expertise in statistical evaluation to generate solid, measurable results at every stage of the search engine marketing process.
For more information please give a visit to Apogee blog