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Get these latest proxies for Myspace and Facebook

Enjoy our latest Facebook and Myspace proxies.
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Facebook Proxy

Unblock Facebook and many other social networking and and social media sites with this proxy list.
Download and surf videos from youtube. Youtube proxy.
Bypass all administrator restrictions with these rocking proxies.
Surf anonymously at school and work.

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Fresh out of the Stock of Proxy – Its Bleedster

Bleedster is a new multipurpose proxy.It helps you circumvent the network admin restrictions while accessing facebook and myspace.

Secure Browsing with Bleedster.
You can unblock popular social networking sites such as MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, Friendster and many other sites.

Feel free to browse 24/7 and don’t forget to tell your friends!
Will Continue Giving More updates.
Stay Tuned.

Some very good and new Myspace Proxies

Here are some very good and new myspace proxies a.k.a myspace proxy sites
which can allow you to circumvent all of the restrictions and blockades while surfing
the profiles of myspace friends and myspace pals.

These sites definitely give you a anonymous cover online

So. GO Ahead and enjoy these myspace proxies sites and give life to your network administrators.
Enjoy myspace at work and play.

Access Myspace at Work or School

Use to get past blocked sites like Myspace, Facebook, Bebo, Youtube and more
Use this proxy from any places, such as Home, Office and school.

It’s a brand new proxy website which unblocks every website.

So, If any websites have blocked you or you don’t want to share your IP with them, You can use and surf the web.

Give Youself a Cover Online

A Quick Post after many Days.
I was reading this great article in chicagotribune which says about how to keep your online identity safe and secure i.e how to cover your web usage tracks online.
There are many ways your can do this but there are some which are really tested and helps you in a long run.
SO I am gonna give you some tips for your online security and removing your traces.

  1. First thing to Do is to switch of your routers when you are offline or gone for sleep.This helps you to get the new IP address (technical name assigned to a computer over Internet) everytime you Continue reading Give Youself a Cover Online

Facebook,Myspace and Bebo Proxy List

These sites allow you to hide your IP address and browse websites anonymously.
Easily bypassing content filters, firewalls at your organization, ISP or country.

  1. Kitten Proxy
  2. Poper Proxy
  3. K12 Proxy
  4. Laker Proxy
  5. Alpha Proxy
  6. Duck Proxy
  7. Fish Proxy
  8. Sniper Proxy
  9. Sniper Proxy II
  10. Turtle Proxy

Enjoy anonymous browsing, unblock myspace, bebo, friendster or any other blocked site. Your identity is completely cloaked.

Unblock Myspace with Marsproxy Myspace Proxy

Friends I have found one more free proxy site whose dexterity is being proved by its speed.

You can open almost all social networking sites and many more sites like, from which you can download unlimited number of songs. Generally in schools, offices these downloadable sites are blocked.
So in that case can prove beneficial for you guys.

I have tested this myspace proxy site for many sites and even downloaded many songs using this proxy site. So you people can also enjoy downloading and interacting with your friends, loading images through site.

Safety Considerations

  1. In you can search the net anonymously.
  2. This site delete log files daily so it does not keep track of what you are doing on the net.
  3. For your own safety you can also delete your cookies, empty cache of your browser.
  4. Disabling Java is also recommended.

Myspace is Fully Supported