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Six Tips for Better Design of Your WordPress Blog

In this era of world-wide web, online presence is one of the deciding factors of business success. The better looking and easily navigable your website is the more people will be interested to read more. A lot of tools are available that allow you to design your website dynamically. Tools like WordPress, Joomla, Blogspot offer graphical interface where “What You See Is What You Get”. WordPress is one of the best platforms with hundreds of themes already available. Some of them are free and some will cost you. But even after getting a theme it is mandatory to customize it to make suit your blog/website. So here are some tips to make your website look better.


  1. Choose your Theme: Themes offer a great way to make your blog look good. They can be customized in several ways like color schemes, background, fonts etc. WordPress offers a range of free themes on its own website. Also you can look for free or paid themes on other sites. It is highly advisable that you try different themes and explore how customizable the theme is according to your need. Continue reading Six Tips for Better Design of Your WordPress Blog

How to : Embed Google Wave In WordPress Blog Posts

I have been ever wondering, what is the use of google wave without those social features of sharing out waves with others. We know google wave helps us collaborate in real time and that can be helpful in many ways like documenting things, collab games etc. The best part is we can replay all of those to know who did what. But still the major part is sharing and bringing in more participation.

Now that can be done by embedding the Wave in your WordPress blog post. This can be done by installing Wavr Plugin for WordPress. Continue reading How to : Embed Google Wave In WordPress Blog Posts

[How to] Install IntenseDebate On Your Blog

In our last post we told you about the benefits of installing custom comment management and moderation system for your blog. In this post we will tell you how to about installing IntenseDebate on your blog.

It is very easy to setup IntenseDebate as they proclaim in 3 easy steps. Just like WordPress 5 Minute installation.


Continue reading [How to] Install IntenseDebate On Your Blog

Intense Debate or Disquss : Pumping Up Your Comments

Recently we decided to pump up the comment section of our blog. The comment section is one section which really needs attention in case of blogs. Without comments your blog is dormant. So the more you make it easy for your readers to comment, the more your blog comes to life. Comments also increases pageviews for your blog, by bringing back the readers which previously commented and have subscribed by email to the future comments in that post. Comments are very necessary to build engagement of users around your content. Most of the blogs today don’t use the default commenting system of wordpress for this reason only, that it is cumbersome for users to enter their details all over again to comment. Continue reading Intense Debate or Disquss : Pumping Up Your Comments

Quickly Insert Ads in your Post : Quick Adsense Plugin for WordPress

Bloggers usually feel a need to insert the google adsense ads in between the post anywhere they like to increase their click-through. Qucik adsense is one such wordpress plugin which you can use easily to improve your adsense positioning in the post and thus CTR (Click through rate) and thus revenue. With this plugin you have the freedom to experiment with as many positions of ads as you like and then decide which ad positioning works best for you.

You can place ads with the Quicktags Buttons which as seen below. Randomize the ads that show up in the blog post, Assign Ads at the beginning of post, assign Ads at the end of post, assign Ads after certain paragraphs and assign Ads after certain images. You can place most of 10 ads with this plugin. Continue reading Quickly Insert Ads in your Post : Quick Adsense Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Theme Selector : Free 230 Premium WordPress themes

Choosing a wordpress theme for your blog can be a real challenge. You have lots of wordpress themes on the internet. Every day a new theme free or premium shows up. But getting a theme that matches your choice of number of sidebars, colors, SEO ready and customizable is a real task. You can get a lot of themes from wordpress themes directory. You can also search google for “wordpress themes”.


But there is another place where you can get premium wp themes and that too free. WordPress theme selector has a collection of 230 free premium wordpress themes to choose from. When you get your desired theme you have to just save it and use it. This application is currently available for download for Windows users but Linux users can also use it with the help of wine. Continue reading WordPress Theme Selector : Free 230 Premium WordPress themes

Using WordPress on Android Phone : WptoGo

The android world is still waiting for official wordpress app for android. WordPress app is already available for iPhone and Blackberry users. But android platform users still have a option to blog from their androids till the official wordpress app is available for it. WptoGo is one such application which is available for users who want to blog from their GPhones. Latest version is 1.9.0.


Some features of this WptoGo include:

  • Upload new post including title, content, tags and multiple categories with multiple wordpress accounts
  • Upload images from your device
  • Customizable image thumbnail sizing
  • Local drafts
  • Comment Moderation and Notifciations

Continue reading Using WordPress on Android Phone : WptoGo

[How to] Finding Do-follow blogs and websites

How do we find do-follow blogs in our respective niche?  That’s what the question that arises in the mind, when we want to comment on different related blogs and still get the link love from those sites. Do-Follow blogs are those blogs in which the links in the comments section are rel=” ”  (i.e. Blank) or not there in the anchor (<a href /></a>) tag. Now how do we search for these blogs.


U Comment, I Follow.

Here is how to do that. You need to use google image search for this. You need to search with queries like “U Comment, I follow” (it will be more accurate). U Follow, I Follow is kind of a project, under which the do follow blogs place the above image. This will give you a pretty decent list of blogs with Do-Follow links in comments. If you search with u comment I follow (without quotes) it will give you more results. For blogs related to your niche eg. SEO, search with “SEO” appended to your query. To get more varied results go with “U Comment” and “I Follow” queries. Continue reading [How to] Finding Do-follow blogs and websites