GeoTracking the Location of An Email Sender

Sometimes it seems essential to track the location of the person who send you an email. To find if the email came from a genuine sender or not… To get some of the background details or the GEO details of the person.

In Gmail or any other email client, when a person send you an email, there is always more information at your disposal then actually that is on surface. To know more information, we need to dive into an email header. Along side the Reply button there is a dropdown option of  Show Original. When you click this an original message with all details and email header is shown to you.

In this header text of email (CTRL + F) the text  Received: from . It is of utmost importance to know the details of sender. In front of this field the public IP address or the smtp address of the sender is mentioned. The IP address is mentioned like [].

Email Header

After you have this public IP address of sender, you can now actually do a Reverse IP lookup or a Reverse Email Lookup.

Below are some of the tools to do this lookup:

  1. Visual Trace route Tool : This tool helps you do that and much more visually You just need to enter the IP address mentioned in square brackets. It will then show you each and every IP address and locations through which the Email has traversed on map.
  2. Facebook : You can also track the sender by doing reverse email lookup in facebook. Just type in the email ID of sender in facebook search and if you are lucky you will find his/her profile page.
  3. IP2Location : This is a webapp for tracking the info like Country, State, City, Latitude, Longitude and ISP
  4. GEOBytes : Its also a Reverse IP lookup program that get many useful pieces of information from the IP location.

Apart from these ways you can also search for sender’s email address in google search. From there you may find person’s social profiles, websites and many other things.

Please do share with us any more ways to search for the person (or machine) sending emails valid (or spam).