Google Search with Shell (CLI) with Goosh

This is an a really geeky tool for the linux and shell addicts. Goosh is a tool for searching the web through linux type shell (CLI or command line interface for Linux).

Welcome to – the unofficial google shell.
This google-interface behaves similar to a unix-shell.
You type commands and the results are shown on this page

Goosh is very powerful inside, just like google. You can use to search blogs, images, web, news, feeds, maps, videos, places and many more things.

With its google enabled web calculator you can do calculations. Search wiki and everything that you can expect. Login to your gmail account, change your google account settings and when you are done you can logout also. Just like the normal shell TAB key is of great use of here also.

Type help to get a list of syntaxes.

So when you are on another operating system and missing this shell thing in linux just get a hang on with Goosh.