How to : Embed Google Wave In WordPress Blog Posts

I have been ever wondering, what is the use of google wave without those social features of sharing out waves with others. We know google wave helps us collaborate in real time and that can be helpful in many ways like documenting things, collab games etc. The best part is we can replay all of those to know who did what. But still the major part is sharing and bringing in more participation.

Now that can be done by embedding the Wave in your WordPress blog post. This can be done by installing Wavr Plugin for WordPress. This plugin is very useful for embedding waves in wordpress blogs. After installing this plugin you will see a wave-icon in TinyMCE editor or visual editor of your blog.

Just press this icon and it will prompt you for the waveid. WaveID is the part after the wave: for eg. wave ID for URL this!w%252BOhy1g_luI will be!w%252BOhy1g_luI with %252 replaced by + sign. So the final ID will be!w+BOhy1g_luI

You can also change colors, fonts, height and width for this wave before embedding. I will also ask Wave Server to use your can enter the google wave Preview server i.e.

wavr plugin for google wave

This is how a google wave looks like when embedded.

[wave id="!w%252BOhy1g_luI" color="#000000" bgcolor="#ffffff" server=""]

This wordpress plugin for google wave is currently in Beta stage as is Google Wave so more enhancements are expected in future in this plugin. Hope to see more updates around for embedding google wave in other blogging platforms apart from wordpress. If you know any easy method apart from this please feel free to share with us. Also share what do you think about google wave in the above wave :)

Note: Only those who have been invited to google wave preview can access the above embedded wave.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Source : How to Blog using Google Wave