How To Sync Bookmarks In Google Chrome

Last day, I had a requirement of storing my bookmarks online as a portability requirement.

Google Chrome bookmarks synchronization came to the rescue. This is very good way of synchronizing your chrome bookmarks online to your Google Accounts under the heading Google Chrome Bookmarks Sync. Once this has been done you can use any computer in the world with chrome installed and sync in your bookmarks again in new installation.

  1. The bookmarks can be synced by going in tools of Google chrome and then enabling account sync by clicking the synchronize my bookmarks.
  2. It will then ask for the google accounts credentials and then will start syncing your bookmarks online.
  3. Now comes importing these to your chrome browser on another machine PC/laptop, just do the same step 1 again and it will get all your bookmarks in this machine’s browser. The best part it will also sync this chrome browser bookmarks to your google account i.e.  incremental sync.

You can also stop syncing these to your google account by,

  • Going to Settings>>Personal Stuff.
  • Then under Bookmark Sync heading press Stop Syncing this account button.

Now how you can import these bookmarks to another browser like firefox.

  1. Just go the Bookmark Manager in Chrome and then under Tools>>Export Bookmarks.
  2. Now it will save abc.html to your system, which you can now import in firefox.
  3. To import these in firefox, you can now go to Bookmarks on Firefox Menu and then under Organize Bookmarks and then in Library.
  4. Under Import and Backup you will find Import bookmarks.
  5. Browse to abc.html and it will import all bookmarks.

I know there are more ways of doing online storage of bookmarks. Please feel free to share and update us about the ways you deploy in your day to day online journeys.