Big Data

Learn BigData – Top 5 Free Courseware Sources on the Web

Human kind has accumulated data for the past century. And now the same data has revealed new truths every day. With recent advancements in data mining new patterns are being discovered every day. BigData is THE place to be for any IT individual as it is the most popular area of research these days. Hadoop, R, MapReduce, MongoDB, CouchDB are some of the tools used for big data analysis. A lot of new technology has been developed using BigData concepts, like Facebook Friend Finder. If you are any business analyst or an IT professional dealing with databases then you need to make yourself aware about this technology trend immediately. And you can do all of this for FREE! I hope I got your attention now. So here are top 5 sources on the web to teach yourself about BigData:

big data

Big Data

  1. CourseEra: is the best web source for learning about Bigdata and other subject in computer science. It has courses from best universities of the world. Moreover, it also provides you with valid certification from those universities for a nominal fee. However, if you just want to learn you can take the courses for free. Any course includes video tutorials, assignments, discussion forums, projects, quizzes, exams etc. The quality is obviously excellent. 
  2. Big Data University: is another good source for learning. It has free courses created by experts. The span of course on an average is 4-5 hours, so it is a quick job. They also have a good grading system in place for getting a certificate. Its quick, easy and painless. The courses are of a wide variety and good quality.
  3. MIT OCW: The giant in IT education and distance learning- MIT also offers online course ware for learning about big data. It is obviously of good quality and has a certificate to boot. Unfortunately it is not free. But all videos are uploaded on youtube so sooner or later you will be able to view them for free. Even without the certificate, I am pretty sure it will be worth your time.
  4. PluralSight: is again a website promoting online learning. There are a few quick courses that can be taken to make you aware about this technology. These courses are for hard-core developers who can easily grasp the concepts delivered through videos. Certification is also offered after taking a brief exam.
  5. Various vendors: Various Hadoop vendors also offer their own material for learning about BigData as well as their products. I would like to mention Cloudera and Hortonworks. Cloudera was the first resource I referred to when I was working on my project on Hadoop. It offered a quick setup for hadoop using a virtual machine. Hortonworks also has a unique sandbox where you can test your projects. You can learn using video tutorials and later practice using their sandbox.

So here I have given you many places to start educating yourself and others about big data. Below are the links to the mentioned websites and I hope you can visit and learn. Happy Learning!