High Performance Computing with Clouds and Cloud Technologies

Recently as a course presentation, I gave a talk about pros and cons of using clouds and cloud technologies for high performance computing requirements. Nowadays, clouds are gaining a lot of attention for parallel computing requirements.

Small Apartment turned into Cool Living Space!!! WTF

Christian Schallert 258 square-foot apartment is one strong example of how we can use our living spaces efficiently. It has got all things from shower and bathroom, utilities such as dishwasher, stove and fridge, cupboards for clothing, portable bed and sofa, dining table all hidden behind the walls.

His inspiration to building such kind of place is living boats. I wonder how much money had he spent for building this space. Anyways, a nice idea to keep you active and fit while you slide and fold everything out of sight.

Free Dataset Repositaries for Data Mining and Visualizations

People in database, datamining, data visualizations and business intelligence require datasets (sets of data) to implement, run and test their algorithms. There are a lot of resources on the internet where you can get synthetic and real datasets for free. Some of the datasets can be benchmark datasets for testing algorithm performance with industry standards. Here I am documenting some of the free resources on the internet that will help you out in your data search for academics and industry needs. I will try to keep this list updated overtime.

P.S. : Before using any of below mentioned datasets please read their respective usage policies.

  • KDD Cup Datasets – This is a very famous knowledge discovery conference that releases data for the researchers and academia.
  • LETOR – This benchmark dataset from Microsoft is used for training, testing and validating your Learning to Rank (used for search engines) algorithm. Continue reading

How a Hacker took hold of Times Square Digital Screens

This is what technology can do it for you. A hacker or geek (whatever) demonstrates how with iPhone, transmitter and repeater one can easily take over the control of what is displayed on the digital screen. He plugs in the transmitter into the headphone minjack of iPhone and then plays the any video and then this transmitter sends signal to repeater which is held close to the digital screen and you can see this video playing on the hacked screen. He chose times square only because there were a lot of screens to test on at this place. I wonder whether this hack works for other phone firmwares (symbians, blackberrys, android) also. Anyways it is open for anyone to try if that works.

I am also a bit in doubt of whether this is real or fake, but it is worth a try. Post in your comments about whether this works with other phones also or not.

Gammu/Wammu to Sync Your Phone Contacts, Calender, ToDos and Other Details

Some days back I needed to change a phone and needed to take a backup of contact and calander from my Nokia 3110c phone. I am a user of open source Ubuntu OS. Obviously, I started of with search for Nokia PC Suite for Linux, but unfortunately Nokia PC Suite for Linux package is not available as yet. This despite Nokia is such a big handset manufacture and is forraying into the open source mobile computing with Maemo Project. More on this later..

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GeoTracking the Location of An Email Sender

Sometimes it seems essential to track the location of the person who send you an email. To find if the email came from a genuine sender or not… To get some of the background details or the GEO details of the person.

In Gmail or any other email client, when a person send you an email, there is always more information at your disposal then actually that is on surface. To know more information, we need to dive into an email header. Along side the Reply button there is a dropdown option of  Show Original. When you click this an original message with all details and email header is shown to you.

In this header text of email (CTRL + F) the text  Received: from . It is of utmost importance to know the details of sender. In front of this field the public IP address or the smtp address of the sender is mentioned. The IP address is mentioned like [ xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx].

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How to : Apache mod_auth_mysql Authentication With .htaccess

In this tutorial, I will guide you through the steps of doing Mod _Auth_MySQL authentication with the help of user login id’s and passwords stored in a MySQL database.

This type of authentication is usually good for protecting web pages and web directories from unauthentic access. It is quite similar to LDAP authentication, with the exception of database involvement here and is fast also. mod_auth_mysql is an apache module which can work with both Apache 1.x and Apache 2.x and can be installed from http://modauthmysql.sourceforge.net/ Before we continue with the directives that needs to be set in the .htaccess file, we need to know the prerequisites.

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