Samsung Galaxy S5: Survival of the Fittest?

With the release of Android mobile OS, Google opened a floodgate of new mobile technology. With the release of newer and better devices every day from various companies it has been ensured that mobile technology becomes as pervasive as possible. I don’t know about anyone else but my phone is surely the center of my world. The market of smart phones has become so competitive that a company can’t survive just by creating ‘good’ products. The products must have something extra that makes people want it.

Samsung’s latest release has taken the cake for me in that regard. With the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 along with Gear 2 and Gear Fit, the company has created a buzz in the smart phone market. And why should it not when the features are awesome! As I write this article, I have no idea which feature I should deem to be the best. From looks to functionality the phone is a top notch premium piece of technology.

Here’s a look at the features:

With a unique perforated back cover and four different vivid colors, the phone looks amazing and has a comfortable grip too. It has a 5.1 inch full HD super amoled screen with adaptive display which makes video viewing an experience of a lifetime. For photography enthusiasts, the phone offers at 16 megapixel rear camera with autofocus feature. Samsung claims the speed of autofocus to be 0.3 seconds. It has both contrast autofocus and phase detection autofocus which is a world first in smart phones. Another feature is the selective focus which blurs the background and lets you focus on one specific object.

The internet connection is through wifi is MIMO (Multi-Input Multi-Output) which makes it the fastest in range. With full LTE coverage and support for CAT4 and Voice over LTE it has the best internet connectivity. The phone is completely dust resistant and water resistant which is good news for rough users.

And hold your horses for the best features of the phone!! The home button on the phone doubles up as finger print scanner. Thus the phone is more secure and will help with transactions through PayPal. Another hardware novelty is the heart rate sensor right below the rear camera which helps in managing your lifestyle choices regarding fitness. On the universal dashboard you can actually input your exercise goals and monitor them.

In terms of wearable devices it can pair up with Gear 2 and Gear Fit. In Gear 2, the camera is on its side. With no wires on the straps you can change them to suit your needs. And the best part is that Gear Fit which pairs up with the device. It features world’s first curved amoled display. The wearable device also has an inbuilt heart rate sensor and is completely water resistant and dust resistant.

The features sound incredible and people are waiting excitedly for the release on April 11, 2014. It is supposed to be cheaper than Samsung Galaxy S4, which is good news for our pockets. Despite all the speculation, one wonders if Samsung will be able to beat Apple Inc.’s technology. And with new brands entering the market, it’s cut throat competition. So let’s leave it to natural selection shall we? May the fittest of them survive…

Full Specs: