Six Tips for Better Design of Your WordPress Blog

In this era of world-wide web, online presence is one of the deciding factors of business success. The better looking and easily navigable your website is the more people will be interested to read more. A lot of tools are available that allow you to design your website dynamically. Tools like WordPress, Joomla, Blogspot offer graphical interface where “What You See Is What You Get”. WordPress is one of the best platforms with hundreds of themes already available. Some of them are free and some will cost you. But even after getting a theme it is mandatory to customize it to make suit your blog/website. So here are some tips to make your website look better.


  1. Choose your Theme: Themes offer a great way to make your blog look good. They can be customized in several ways like color schemes, background, fonts etc. WordPress offers a range of free themes on its own website. Also you can look for free or paid themes on other sites. It is highly advisable that you try different themes and explore how customizable the theme is according to your need.
  2. Color Scheme: While designing your website/blog think about the target audience and subject. That will help you in deciding what bunch of colors you want to use. For example, using bright colors in a blog for children is good idea but not if it is a website for rock-music. Lot of themes offer different color schemes for you to choose but it is not true for all. So be advised, only choose themes that offer this option.
  3. Fonts: The use of web fonts is also becoming popular. It will give your blog a new look and feel. But choose the font carefully; it should not make your site look like something out of a child’s first writing book. WordPress offers a plugin to include Google Fonts to your blog. You will find the link for this plugin here.
  4. Stock Photography and Background: A lot of websites offer free stock photographs which you can use to make your site more visual and appealing. You can use these to bring up the visual appeal of the blog/website. Also use an appropriate background picture which suits your color scheme and is not too overpowering.
  5. Minimalism: After designing your site for the first time you real work will start. Take out each element one-by-one till only the most needed elements remain. Minimalistic designs are popular with the readers as they make your blog more readable. Choose a theme with minimalistic design so that people concentrate on your content and not on other unimportant elements.
  6. Plugins: A host of plugins is available for WordPress blogs and you should make use of that to improve your readership. Plugins that offer easy linkage to Facebook, photo galleries and other social media are something you can add easily and it will benefit you in many ways.

Good web/blog design is a topic which can be discussed endlessly but these tips will surely make your site more appealing.