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Apache Cassandra NoSQL database and its applications

NoSQL supports key-value stores, big table, document store and graphic databases. It offers high performance, rich query language, easy scalability and speed. NoSQL databases are unique and they are independent from Structured Query Language (SQL). SQL is generally used by relational databases as the domain-specific language. Let us discuss Apache Cassandra NoSQL database and its applications in Industry.


Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra database offers scalability and high availability. It has proven fault-tolerance on commodity hardware and mission-critical data. Most companies have realized benefits running their applications on Apache Cassandra. The database is capable of handling all the big data, coupled with high performance, security, and easy management. Some the companies using Cassandra as their data store are listed below:

1. Adgear: Adgear use Cassandra as the data store. They collect data about the users which help them to deliver better quality and targeted ads. They manage distinct data centers consisting of Continue reading

Twitter Analytics By Klout : How Influential are you on Twitter

Klout is an application for measuring how influential a person on twitter. It gives a score in range of 1-100 to a twitter user. You can search for user specific klout scores by typing in a twitter id. Type in a topic to get a list of 14 people who are most influential on that topic. Type in a list name to get who is influencing that list the most. It also tells what most influencing people are talkign about right now in Hot Trends. Klout score for an individual is divided into four categories Causal, Climber, Connector and Persona in ascending order of priority. The klout graph is based upon two variables with audience as the x-axis and influence as the y-axis.

klout-twitter-analytics Continue reading