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[How to] Finding Do-follow blogs and websites

How do we find do-follow blogs in our respective niche?  That’s what the question that arises in the mind, when we want to comment on different related blogs and still get the link love from those sites. Do-Follow blogs are those blogs in which the links in the comments section are rel=” ”  (i.e. Blank) or not there in the anchor (<a href /></a>) tag. Now how do we search for these blogs.


U Comment, I Follow.

Here is how to do that. You need to use google image search for this. You need to search with queries like “U Comment, I follow” (it will be more accurate). U Follow, I Follow is kind of a project, under which the do follow blogs place the above image. This will give you a pretty decent list of blogs with Do-Follow links in comments. If you search with u comment I follow (without quotes) it will give you more results. For blogs related to your niche eg. SEO, search with “SEO” appended to your query. To get more varied results go with “U Comment” and “I Follow” queries. Continue reading [How to] Finding Do-follow blogs and websites