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How To Sync Bookmarks In Google Chrome

Last day, I had a requirement of storing my bookmarks online as a portability requirement.

Google Chrome bookmarks synchronization came to the rescue. This is very good way of synchronizing your chrome bookmarks online to your Google Accounts under the heading Google Chrome Bookmarks Sync. Once this has been done you can use any computer in the world with chrome installed and sync in your bookmarks again in new installation. Continue reading How To Sync Bookmarks In Google Chrome

Install Google Voice Extension for Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome extension for google Voice is a very useful extension for those who want to keep tab of their google voice mailbox from their browsers. With this extension you can Call, SMS and check Inbox.


Extension Features

Google Chrome now goes Stable, Extensible and Snappier

Chrome, the web browser developed by google using chromium the open source browser project, that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all users to experience the web. Ever since it has been released its gaining the market share after Mozilla and IE.


As most of the google products its was first released as a beta version. But today google chrome browser has entered a stable stage for windows users. Linux and MAC users have to wait for stable release. Apart from becoming stable, chrome has now a library of 1500 extensions or plugins which you can browse through chrome extensions library. Continue reading Google Chrome now goes Stable, Extensible and Snappier