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GeoTracking the Location of An Email Sender

Sometimes it seems essential to track the location of the person who send you an email. To find if the email came from a genuine sender or not… To get some of the background details or the GEO details of the person.

In Gmail or any other email client, when a person send you an email, there is always more information at your disposal then actually that is on surface. To know more information, we need to dive into an email header. Along side the Reply button there is a dropdown option of  Show Original. When you click this an original message with all details and email header is shown to you.

In this header text of email (CTRL + F) the text  Received: from . It is of utmost importance to know the details of sender. In front of this field the public IP address or the smtp address of the sender is mentioned. The IP address is mentioned like [ xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx].

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Become a Gmail Ninja : Free Gmail Guide Download

Gmail team is quite innovative, in how they introduce features to gmail every now and then. Its impossible to take notice of all these features, and its more hard to put them all in use. Google recently published a gmail guide which can be accessed either online or can be downloaded as pdf.

This is what google thinks about Gmail ninja.

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