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How To Sync Bookmarks In Google Chrome

Last day, I had a requirement of storing my bookmarks online as a portability requirement.

Google Chrome bookmarks synchronization came to the rescue. This is very good way of synchronizing your chrome bookmarks online to your Google Accounts under the heading Google Chrome Bookmarks Sync. Once this has been done you can use any computer in the world with chrome installed and sync in your bookmarks again in new installation. Continue reading How To Sync Bookmarks In Google Chrome

Customize How You Open Google Search

Wondering how to google ever mess, just type google.com and you are there to play with google. But this leads to a country directed page such as google.co.uk, google.co.in or co.xx. Sometimes people want to visit the google international page. So not a big task..google itself provides ways to visit google.com. Just follow the link below on google’s homepage “go to google.com” and u will land on google.com. This hyperlink refers to ‘ncr’ i.e. no country redirect and will land you on google.com

Besides u can also type google.com/intl/en/ which refers to international english, be careful to end the link with a ‘/’ or your browser will show a 404 error.

This is a bit too long to remember…I recommend a simpler way. Just type google.com/ncr and when you press enter you will be google.com international homepage. And finally you land on google.com


Install Google Voice Extension for Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome extension for google Voice is a very useful extension for those who want to keep tab of their google voice mailbox from their browsers. With this extension you can Call, SMS and check Inbox.


Extension Features

Google Chrome now goes Stable, Extensible and Snappier

Chrome, the web browser developed by google using chromium the open source browser project, that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all users to experience the web. Ever since it has been released its gaining the market share after Mozilla and IE.


As most of the google products its was first released as a beta version. But today google chrome browser has entered a stable stage for windows users. Linux and MAC users have to wait for stable release. Apart from becoming stable, chrome has now a library of 1500 extensions or plugins which you can browse through chrome extensions library. Continue reading Google Chrome now goes Stable, Extensible and Snappier

Google Search with Shell (CLI) with Goosh

This is an a really geeky tool for the linux and shell addicts. Goosh is a tool for searching the web through linux type shell (CLI or command line interface for Linux).

Welcome to goosh.org – the unofficial google shell.
This google-interface behaves similar to a unix-shell.
You type commands and the results are shown on this page

Goosh is very powerful inside, just like google. You can use to search blogs, images, web, news, feeds, maps, videos, places and many more things. Continue reading Google Search with Shell (CLI) with Goosh

Free Google SEO Guide PDF – Understanding Search Engine Optimization

We have many times heard of many optimization theories. Search Engine Optimizers telling their clients that they guarantee #1 ranking for their sites in google and other search engines. Just thought of sharing a link on Google SEO guidelines with you people, of what google thinks about SEO and its best practices.



Google has launched a free PDF guide, which can prevent people from getting duped by such SEO authorities who guarantee them top rankings in google within couple of months. I am not denying that it can’t be done, with good unique content, good enough SEO, marketing this can be achieved over time. Continue reading Free Google SEO Guide PDF – Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Quickly Insert Ads in your Post : Quick Adsense Plugin for WordPress

Bloggers usually feel a need to insert the google adsense ads in between the post anywhere they like to increase their click-through. Qucik adsense is one such wordpress plugin which you can use easily to improve your adsense positioning in the post and thus CTR (Click through rate) and thus revenue. With this plugin you have the freedom to experiment with as many positions of ads as you like and then decide which ad positioning works best for you.

You can place ads with the Quicktags Buttons which as seen below. Randomize the ads that show up in the blog post, Assign Ads at the beginning of post, assign Ads at the end of post, assign Ads after certain paragraphs and assign Ads after certain images. You can place most of 10 ads with this plugin. Continue reading Quickly Insert Ads in your Post : Quick Adsense Plugin for WordPress

Google App Status Dashboard : Health of Google apps you use

Lately the world has witnessed the gmail outrages all over the world. Gmail is one of the big used applications of google that we are so accustomed to use that we can’t live without them (sure we can, if try). Google has a very good app that shows the sttus of each and every google application. Whether its google docs, sites, gmail, picassa,calender or groups etc. there health can be diagnosed from this google app dashboard.

This is what google says about its App Status Dashboard

This page offers performance information for Google Apps services. Unless otherwise noted, this status information applies to consumer services as well as services for organizations using Google Apps. Continue reading Google App Status Dashboard : Health of Google apps you use