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Using WordPress on Android Phone : WptoGo

The android world is still waiting for official wordpress app for android. WordPress app is already available for iPhone and Blackberry users. But android platform users still have a option to blog from their androids till the official wordpress app is available for it. WptoGo is one such application which is available for users who want to blog from their GPhones. Latest version is 1.9.0.


Some features of this WptoGo include:

  • Upload new post including title, content, tags and multiple categories with multiple wordpress accounts
  • Upload images from your device
  • Customizable image thumbnail sizing
  • Local drafts
  • Comment Moderation and Notifciations

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Google Phone (Nexus One) – Some Facts and Unboxing Photos

After all that hype that the Official Google phone aka Nexus One is making I am really excited to try it. The pre-release hype that this phone has made is just great. Only few of the companies beside apple know how to make this kind of publicity for their products. Google Phone as they say it is told to be launched in early January okk… some claim it 5th January.

  • It will be an HTC device more like HTC Passion.
  • It will have Android 2.1
  • It will have 1GHz processing power (more on specifications in my next post)
  • The most important part as they (people) claim that it will be an unlocked phone i.e. it can run on any operator settings and GSM networks.
  • They also claim that it will first be first given on Invite basis, where the criteria of Invitees selection noone knows but Google.
  • It will cost 199$ in US (according to sources)
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