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How to : Embed Google Wave In WordPress Blog Posts

I have been ever wondering, what is the use of google wave without those social features of sharing out waves with others. We know google wave helps us collaborate in real time and that can be helpful in many ways like documenting things, collab games etc. The best part is we can replay all of those to know who did what. But still the major part is sharing and bringing in more participation.

Now that can be done by embedding the Wave in your WordPress blog post. This can be done by installing Wavr Plugin for WordPress. Continue reading

Quickly Insert Ads in your Post : Quick Adsense Plugin for WordPress

Bloggers usually feel a need to insert the google adsense ads in between the post anywhere they like to increase their click-through. Qucik adsense is one such wordpress plugin which you can use easily to improve your adsense positioning in the post and thus CTR (Click through rate) and thus revenue. With this plugin you have the freedom to experiment with as many positions of ads as you like and then decide which ad positioning works best for you.

You can place ads with the Quicktags Buttons which as seen below. Randomize the ads that show up in the blog post, Assign Ads at the beginning of post, assign Ads at the end of post, assign Ads after certain paragraphs and assign Ads after certain images. You can place most of 10 ads with this plugin. Continue reading