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News Feed Is Now Facebook’s Patent

Facebook has won a US patent on its News Feed. The American patent summarized “invention” as “a method for displaying a news feed in a social network environment” as quoted by Times Of India.


Since the launch of News Feed in 2006, the website showed a major outburst and popularity amongst various social networking sites. These dynamic updates
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Must Know Stats about your Twitter Account : Who, When, Whom, What

Now that you have became a part of this microblogging wonder, you should have insights about how it all started with you on twitter. Stats like your first tweet, your first follower, your first follow, when did you joined twitter, whom you reply the most, how many average tweets you make in a day, at what time you are most active on twitter, your tweet trends and many more…


  1. Your First tweet - What was your fist tweet do you still remember? Find out about your first tweet. This tool has a limitation though it can’t find first tweet of a person having more than 3200 tweets because twitter stores only those much tweets of a person. Continue reading

Setting up Facebook Fan Page for your Brand

How to add establish fan page for your blog or website on facebook? Facebook these days have become a medium of sharing your interests with your friends and communicating with them through the use of videos, pictures and wall. But Facebook has many unexplored features which can really help you build your personal brand. It might be your website, blog, product or services. One of the features is the facebook fan page. How to enable a fan page for you brand. Almost any popular website or product today has a fan page on facebook e.g. Mashable, Search Engine LandTechie Buzz and Tech2view. Continue reading