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Configuring Ekiga Softfone for VOIPStunt, VOIPBuster and other SIP based phones

How would you configure Ekiga Softfone for calling with VOIPStunt and VOIPBuster. These applications are used to call over the Voice over internet protocols (VOIP). The setups of VOIPStunt and VOIPBuster are available for windows. For MAC and Linux users there is a special set of instructions of how to go about this. But I had a trouble following that process . So I am just jotting down the process of configuration in simple terms. Now what is SIP Based Phone – A SIP phone is a hardware-based or software-based SIP user agent, that provides call functions such as dial, answer, reject, hold/unhold, and call transfer.

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Simple Trick to open .iso Files without burning on CD/DVD

Many times you have come across instances when you feel to install anything from the setup, but it can’t be done because you only have the .iso file of a bootable CD, but have no CD. Many times you need to see and edit contents inside an .iso file before burning it on CD/DVD, so that CD doesn’t get wasted :)

How to open the .iso files without burning it on CD

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