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How to Find Spammers Following You On Twitter

You may get excited when you have just joined twitter and many people started following you or when you suddenly get many people following you within a short period of time, unless you are not a celebrity :)

If you want to know what type of people are following you, or if at all they are spammers or robots, who just came to spam twitter for any reasons. Twitblock is a nice tools which scans your twitter account to find these kind of people. You can only scan your account with this tool as it requires twitter account (OAuth) authorization before scanning.  Continue reading

Must Know Stats about your Twitter Account : Who, When, Whom, What

Now that you have became a part of this microblogging wonder, you should have insights about how it all started with you on twitter. Stats like your first tweet, your first follower, your first follow, when did you joined twitter, whom you reply the most, how many average tweets you make in a day, at what time you are most active on twitter, your tweet trends and many more…


  1. Your First tweet - What was your fist tweet do you still remember? Find out about your first tweet. This tool has a limitation though it can’t find first tweet of a person having more than 3200 tweets because twitter stores only those much tweets of a person. Continue reading

Twitter Analytics By Klout : How Influential are you on Twitter

Klout is an application for measuring how influential a person on twitter. It gives a score in range of 1-100 to a twitter user. You can search for user specific klout scores by typing in a twitter id. Type in a topic to get a list of 14 people who are most influential on that topic. Type in a list name to get who is influencing that list the most. It also tells what most influencing people are talkign about right now in Hot Trends. Klout score for an individual is divided into four categories Causal, Climber, Connector and Persona in ascending order of priority. The klout graph is based upon two variables with audience as the x-axis and influence as the y-axis.

klout-twitter-analytics Continue reading