Top 3 NoSQL Databases Features

A NoSQL database provides an effective mechanism for storage and data retrieval. These databases excel both in terms of speed and volume. Moreover, it is increasingly been considered a viable alternative to relational databases. While working with a huge quantity of data, NoSQL is very useful. Let us discuss some of the top NoSQL databases and their performance in data management systems:

NoSql Databases

Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra has been primarily designed to handle huge amounts of data spread out across commodity servers. It was developed by Facebook in 2008 as an open source distributed database management system. It helped Facebook to power up their inbox search feature. It offers the mixture of a column-oriented database and the columns are grouped into families. It provides a highly available service with its massive amount of consistency and replication. Apache Cassandra is preferred by companies as a back-end database. The most amazing features include BigTable modeling and the Gossip protocol. Some of the strong points favouring Apache Cassandra are highly available with no single point of failure, NoSQL column family implementation, flexible scheme, SQL like query language, support search through secondary indexes and support for replication. Apache Cassandra is a perfect solution and it provides scalability & performance needed in most applications.

Couch DB

Couch DB is an open source NoSQL database and it uses JSON documents to store data. It was created in 2005 under former IBM Lotus notes developer Damien Katz, Couch DB. Initially, it was used as storage system for huge databases. Later on in 2008, it became an Apache project. A number of companies such as BBC and Credit Suisse use Couch DB to store its huge data and configuration details. It emerged as a powerful tool and developer productivity increased on account of this. Couch DB has been designed to handle varying traffic and without any failure. It offers intuitive document storage model and a powerful query engine.

Hadoop (HBase)

Hadoop is an open source technology and supports NoSQL data stores. It has its own data base called Hbase which is one of the biggest tools in database. It uses Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) that has been designed as a non-relational columnar distributed database. It is well suited and compatible for complicated computational jobs. Hbase was acquired by Facebook in 2010 to provide fault-tolerance storage to their huge databases. It provides the most flexible data model, Easy Java API, strongly consistent row-level operations, metric exports via File, high availability, server-side processing via filters and easy replication across the data center.

The rise of NoSQL databases have led to easier database interaction, data modeling and data consistency. These run well on large data volumes and Big data is the driver for NoSQL’s rise