Twitter Analytics By Klout : How Influential are you on Twitter

Klout is an application for measuring how influential a person on twitter. It gives a score in range of 1-100 to a twitter user. You can search for user specific klout scores by typing in a twitter id. Type in a topic to get a list of 14 people who are most influential on that topic. Type in a list name to get who is influencing that list the most. It also tells what most influencing people are talkign about right now in Hot Trends. Klout score for an individual is divided into four categories Causal, Climber, Connector and Persona in ascending order of priority. The klout graph is based upon two variables with audience as the x-axis and influence as the y-axis.


The Klout Score ranges from 1-100 and represents a person’s overall influence. Klout uses semantic analysis to determine what a person talks about and then measures how influential they are on that topic.

This Klout score is calculated by the formula:


BTW my Klout score came out to be 14 and I am a Connector on the Klout grid. This is what klout says about me

You are a constant source of information to your friends and co-workers. There is a good chance that you probably introduced several of your friends to Twitter. Your taste and opinion is respected and your judgment is trusted.