WordPress 2.9 Available for Download

WordPress 2.9 is now available for download. It was launched on 18th December. It is named as “Carmen”. You can either upgrade you wordpress to this version or you can download it from WordPress 2.9 download and install it. I am pretty late at telling Tech2view.com readers about this download, but better late then never. It also my first post for 2010.

Wordpress Image Editing Panel
Wordpress Image Editing Panel

Some of the main features that it is equipped with:

  1. Inbuilt Image Editing – This version of wordpress has introduced the wordpress inbuild image editing tool with capabilities like cropping, scaling and rotating.
  2. Global undo/”trash” feature –  It helps you pull back those deleted posts and pages.
  3. Batch plugin update and compatibility checking – As the name suggests it will update each and every outdated plugin you have added to your self hosted wordpress blog. It will also check for backward and forward compatibility checks while updating plugin, saving you time for writing blog posts.
  4. Easier video embeds – It allows you to embed videos easily onto your blog posts, you now only have to copy/paste video link. no need of embed code. It currently supports video sharing sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, Blip.tv, Flickr, Hulu, Viddler, Qik, Revision3, Scribd, Google Video, Photobucket, PollDaddy, and WordPress.tv .

Here more of  what’s new in wordpress 2.9.

  • No it supports rel=canonical for better SEO.
  • There is automatic database optimization support, which you can enable in your wp-config.php file by adding define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);
  • Themes can register “post thumbnails” which allow them to attach an image to the post, especially useful for magazine-style themes.
  • Custom post types have been upgraded with better API support so you can juggle more types than just post, page, and attachment. (More of this planned for 3.0.)
  • Upgraded TinyMCE WYSIWYG editing and Simplepie.
  • Registration and profiles are now extensible to allow you to collect things more easily, like a user’s Twitter account or any other fields you can imagine.
  • Create custom galleries with the new include and exclude attributes that allow you to pull attachments from any post, not just the current one.

All these features and enhancements make WordPress 2.9 a landmark release, especially with wordpress inbuilt image editor and direct video embeds.

More about wordpress 2.9

By the time I am posting this article WordPress 2.9.1 has already been released with some security fixes and bug fixes. So you can also go ahead and download that also.